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The top 5 Best High School Football Venues in the USA

In some parts of the country high school football is bigger than the NFL.  As a result some stadiums like the ones below, have been built simply for high school football.


5. Alamo Stadium (San Antonio, TX)

Seating 23,000 people this oversized stadium was built during The Great Depression.  It’s construction was used as a means to give people jobs and kick-start the economy.  Today the stadium is used by a number of San Antonio High School’s for all kinds of events.


4. Eagle Stadium (Allen, TX)

FILE -In this Aug. 28, 2012 file photo, the scoreboard is shown at Eagle Stadium at Allen High School in Allen, Texas. This suburban Dallas school district grabbed national attention in 2012 when it opened an eye-popping $60 million high school football stadium. Are such exorbitant price tags for high school stadiums the new normal? Only in Texas, it seems. (AP Photo/LM Otero, File)
AP Photo

This 18,000 seat venue is the largest stadium in Texas, that is ONLY used for High School games.  In 2014 it was condemned due to structural issues, but re-opened a year later.

3. Roosevelt Stadium (Union City, NJ)


Think it’s hard to find a place to park in the city? Try finding space for a high school football field.  Faced with this issue, the Union City CSD found a creative way to keep their field on school property.  In fact, the field is actually on top of school property, as it sits above Union City High.

2. Round Valley Ensphere (Eagar, AZ)


Built in 1991 for $11 million, this stadium is the only High School dome currently in the USA.  It is currently closed, after sustaining water damage in 2015.

1. Stadium Bowl (Tacoma, Wash.)


This picture perfect stadium was originally built in 1910, and is one of the oldest High School football stadiums in America.



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  1. Chris says

    Is the Eagar Dome still closed? I thought I just saw a video of a practice inside?

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