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Black family’s garage burned to the ground in racial attack in Schodack

SCHODACK — A black family was forced out of their home late Sunday night as it burned in an apparent act of racism, police said.

When investigators arrived, they found a swastika and racial epithets painted on the home, Schodack Police Chief Joseph Belardo told the Times Union.

Laquan Madison was using the restroom when he noticed the fire and got his wife and their five children out of their old Spring Ave. home.


“We’re OK. This is just something I accept. This is the world that we’re living in,” said Madison’s wife, Jennifer

Madison believes the fire was intentionally set. “I saw the N-word right there,” he told reporters Monday. “I was told there was a swastika on the other side.”

Police are suspicions about the fire as well. “We are investigating this as a hate crime,” Belardo went on to say. “We have to take things like this seriously.”

The chief said that a suspect has not yet been identified but that the individual(s) responsible will face  very serious charges.”

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