The 10 most popular 518 Sports posts of 2016

There have been 2,000+ articles published on, but here are the top 10 you just couldn’t keep your eyes off of in 2016.

10. Cuomo’s potty business cancels UAlbany trip to Duke

Jason Palatsky

9. Todd McCauly runs 100 miles in support of family friend


Dylan Rossiter

8- Two Huge Upsets Leave Section 2 Hockey Bracket Upended

Dylan McGlynn

7. HVCC Baseball Changes a 5-year old cancer patient’s life

Connor Hall

6. Renovations planned for local baseball field rich with history

Aidan Joly

5. Castleton native added to Rays’ 40-man roster

Dylan Rossiter

4. Remembering Schodack School District Superintendent Robert Horan

Dylan Rossiter

3. Cuomo’s Executive Order ruins HVCC’s season

Connor Hall

2. Shaker paints over tribute to dead student

Dylan Rossiter

1. UAlbany milks Albany Cup, fans pay the hefty price

Dylan Rossiter

See ya again in 2017.



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