Schodack has a theme song, for real

If I had the time to come up with songs and record them, I can promise you that Schodack would be at the bottom of the list. None the less, someone a lot more talented than me at WGNA took the time to revamp an old Kenny Chesney toe tapper. Enjoy!

Question: Who’s Cassie? The only mascot I know is Wiley the Wildcat and he/she needs a bath.

Want to sing along? Here are the lyrics:
Can you name a place with a buffalo farm?
Take your time, I’ll wait,
and a talented high school soccer team – the best one in the state
who else had sand pits where teenagers used to stop
til they got thrown out by the cops?


It’s a place with a history that’s old
home of a Brookview swimming hole
don’t get me wrong, that aint all it’s got
You can picnic right until it’s dark down at the Isand state park
don’t forget Cassie the famous school mascot
That’s why I rewrote this Kenny Chesney song
for Schodack

You can eat alot and be merry
at the festival scarffin up strawberries
Where everyone is welcome yes sire

They have an open door policy
except for that big “Dollar Tree”
They thought they were moving in
But nope- they did not win
The residents said you won’t be coming back
to Schodack
A guy there who was loved by all
his name was Lester Van De Wall
The only school with weeds on the high school track
In Schodack




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