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Patriots clinching scenarios for Week 14

Once again, the New England Patriots are set to take the AFC East division title. Since 2001, New England has missed out on a division title only twice. And this would be their 8th straight. Tough to top that success. The Pats’ play host to Baltimore on Monday night. But they will also have an eye some of the games on Sunday afternoon.

Patriots clinch AFC East with: Win + Miami loss. There is a good chance that the Pats’ head into Monday night with a chance to clinch. The Dolphins will be playing at home against Arizona, a team that has had an underwhelming season to say the least. But keep an eye on this Cardinal offense causing problems, specifically RB David Johnson. Miami allowed 38 points against Baltimore in their blowout loss last week. We could see more of the same on Sunday.

Patriots clinch 1st round bye with: Win + Miami and Pittsburgh losses. This is a little less likely, but the Pittsburgh Steelers could run into some trouble in Buffalo on Sunday. The Bills gave Oakland a game at the Coliseum last week, now the question is can they play consistent football for a full 60 minutes against a dangerous Pittsburgh offense.

Also, don’t sleep on Baltimore. This might be the toughest game remaining on the Patriots schedule when you think about how Joe Flacco throws for around 700 miles a game against New England. It feels that way at least.

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