Hot tub invitation lands Pix 106 host in hot water

A local radio host is catching flack for publicly inviting a WTEN reporter to get warm and brainstorm 2019 with him in his hot tub.

Chris Laursen, who goes by the radio name Quinn on the WPYX 106.5 FM (Pix 106) morning show “Quinn and Cantara” sent out a self-described creep factor tweet to News 10 ABC reporter Lexie Nahl

“I apologize in advance for this tweets creep factor, we’re having one of our annual #showsummits in my hottub fri at 12:30! May be disgusting accidental nudity but you’re invited as our guest to get warm and brainstorm 2019 w/us,” Laursen wrote in the since-deleted tweet.

Nahl did not respond to Laursen’s tweet, but fellow WTEN reporter Ayla Ferrone did.


“Are you serious? Do you not have anything better to do with your life than harass women? If you have to put a “creepiness” disclaimer on a tweet, here’s a novel idea-MAYBE DON’T TWEET IT. You are disgusting and should be ashamed,” Ferrone tweeted.

Laursen later apologized.

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