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Trading Beckham should be priority for Giants

This past Giants season was a waste of time. The Giants finished 5-11, and their season was over in September. From there, it was garbage time all around. Sure, the Giants teased their fans about winning the NFC East in November, but any Giants fan with a brain knew this was unrealistic.

Something has to change. It can’t be more of the same. Not when a once-proud franchise missed the playoffs six of the last seven seasons. Not when they haven’t won a playoff game since they won the Super Bowl in the 2011 season. Not when they have gone from mediocrity to one of the worst teams in the National Football League.

The time has come for the Giants to trade Odell Beckham Jr. this offseason. There’s no way he can be back when the team is nowhere close to going to the Super Bowl or being a playoff team. Why waste his talent on an awful team that needs to rebuild until it’s time to draft a quarterback next season? Why waste time?

The Giants can stink with him, and they can stink without him. The viable option is to stink without him by trading him and getting draft picks to build a foundation. This team has so many pieces they need to add before they can be a great team. They need a quarterback, several good offensive lineman and a game-changing linebacker.


Trading Beckham makes sense in so many ways. He was a headache to Giants CEO John Mara and Giants head coach Pat Shurmur this season. He isn’t changing, and with the way the Giants are as presently constituted, he won’t have the patience or the incentive to change. He is who he is. He is not changing for anyone, and that’s his right. The Giants shouldn’t be subjected to this. His nonsense is not worth it when a team is not winning.

The Giants are going to stink for the right to draft Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa or Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm in 2020. It does not make sense to burden either of them with a wide receiver who behaves like a 5-year-old. It would ruin their development by trying to make Beckham happy. It’s going to be hard enough as it is to play in the NFL as a quarterback, especially in a market like New York, so the last thing the Giants need is to make it harder for either of them by keeping Beckham.

The Giants need to trade their diva wide receiver while his value is high. He could be damaged goods the more they keep him. He has already showed he is injury-prone by missing most of 2017 season and spending this past season on the injured list. If he is not durable, he is useless.

Beckham is a talent, but in big games, he often fails to deliver.The wild-card game against the Green Bay Packers from two years ago defined who he is, which he dropped three of seven catchable throws that culminated him to four catches for 28 yards. Quite frankly, he hasn’t been the same player since that game.

The problem with Beckham is that he is so focused on trying to make that one-hand catch or that highlight reel catch that he lost grasp of being a fundamental player of trying to catch with two hands. Too often with him, there has been so many drops by him or Manning has a hard time getting in sync with him.

He does not fit Shurmur’s offense, which is an equal opportunity offense. He wants his quarterback to use the whole field and use a balance attack. This makes Beckham useless, and that’s why he was not shy to complain about his lack of role on the offense this season.

Beckham has no idea how to lead, and he can’t be taken seriously as a leader when he is worried about stats than wins.

There’s nothing the Giants wide receiver offers for the Giants. His nonsense is not worth it. By trading him, the Giants can focus on building a winning team and being an unselfish team. When he was out, the offense was much better and fun to watch.

This should be enough of a conviction for Beckham to be traded.

Yes, there will be more focus on who will be the Giants quarterback in 2019.

But until they make a decision on Beckham, it would be pointless to make a decision on the quarterback.

It’s why the Giants should be all in to trade Beckham.

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