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2018 Foothills Council lacrosse all-stars announced

On Wednesday night, the Foothills Council released its 2018 boys’ lacrosse all-star teams. Here they are!

First Team:

A: Hogan Fox, Glens Falls
A: Nolan Hogan, Glens Falls
A: Dawson LaLuna, Queensbury
M: Justin Carte, Schuylerville
M: Alex Chirgwin, Queensbury
M: Sean Collins, Queensbury
D: Gabe Smith, Queensbury
D: Mitchell Jones, Queesbury
D: Donovan Thomas, Schuylerville
Goalie: Cole Carpenter, Queensbury
Faceoff Specialist: Nico Mattia, Queensbury
Long Stick Midfield: Liam O’Mara, Queensbury
Short Stick Defensive Midfield: Aiden Cunningham, Queensbury

Second Team:


A: Kyle Sokol, Queensbury
A: Jason Boucher, South Glens Falls
A: Noah Rourke, Schuylerville
M: Thomas Lineham, South Glens Falls
M: Andrew Phillips, Schuylerville
M: David Barclay, Glens Falls
D: Mitchell Montgomery, Glens Falls
D: Dominic Nassivera, Queensbury
D: Liam Smith, Queensbury
Goalie: James Linehan, South Glens Falls
Faceoff Specialist: Thompson Collins, Glens Falls
Long Stick Midfield: Jordan Ziegler, Queensbury
Short Stick Defensive Midfield: Cooper Montgomery, Glens Falls

Honorable Mentions:

A: Jace Carter, Schuylerville
A: Jared Fisher, South Glens Falls
A: Matt Williams, Scotia-Glenville
M: Sam Hogan, South Glens Falls
M: Liam Gormley, Glens Falls
M: Sean Mattice, Schuylerville
D: Trent Thomas, Schuylerville
D: Sean Swenson, Schuylerville
D: Nick Danehy, Glens Falls
Goalie: Braden PodKladek, Schuylerville
Faceoff Specialist: Jacob Vanderhoof, Schuylerville
Long Stick Midfield: Ben Follos, Schuylerville
Short Stick Defensive Midfield: Max Benedetto, Queensbury

Congratulations to all of the selections.

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