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Parking restrictions issued for town of Clifton Park

Clifton Park to Enforce Standard Parking Restrictions During Weather Event

“On Tuesday and Wednesday, March 14 and March 15, the region is forecasted to have significant snow accumulations between 10 and 15 inches. The Town of Clifton Park enforces standard parking restrictions during winter weather events.  Please do not park your vehicle on roadways during storms and for a period of forty-eight hours following the end of the storm.  This allows our plows to remove snow and ice properly, effectively apply salt to the roadways and permits fire and ambulance services to respond to emergencies. In some residential developments, cars parked on the street keep our plows from completing necessary snow removal. Vehicles parked in the roadway can also create dangerous conditions and can cause problems for our neighbors.  Thank you for your cooperation,” Town Highway Superintendent Dahn Bull said in a statement. 

Excerpt from the Town Code:

§ 194-6 Parking during snowfalls. 

No person shall park or leave unattended any vehicle on the pavement or shoulder of any Town highway, road or street during a period of snowfall, sleet, freezing rain or other winter-type weather and for a forty-eight-hour period after the precipitation ceases.




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