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Man arrested for stealing cable truck, leading police on chase

ALBANY — An Albany man allegedly stole a cable truck and led police on a chase on Christmas Day, Albany Police said.

Antonio Fonseca, 38, faces grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property, unlawfully fleeing a police officer and possession of burglar tools charges. He also was cited for several violations of the New York State vehicle and traffic law including Passing a Red Light and Failing to Stop for a Stop Sign.

Fonseca allegedly stole a Spectrum cable truck on South Lake Avenue near Madison Ave.

Twenty minutes after getting the call, Albany Police said officers spotted the van traveling northbound Delaware Ave. Albany Police say that the offices tried to stop Fonseca, but the driver refused and led the officers on a brief chase. According to Albany Police, Fonseca drove to South Swan Street near the Empire Sate plaza where he lost control of the vehicle and came to a stop. The offices then apprehended Fonseca and took him into custody.


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