Yankees fans are worse than ever before

With the Yankees in position to win championship No. 28 and forming a potential dynasty, Yankees fans are flexing their muscles.

A visitor attended Bahama Breeze to have a nice dinner after a hard day of work on a Saturday. He hoped to eat in peace with no one bothering him. He always goes to a sports bar on Saturdays, but he decided not to go with the Yankees playing that day, so he tried a restaurant.

Much to his horror, he saw the Yankees play the Minnesota Twins in Game 2 of the American League Division Series at that eatery on a Saturday night. He hoped to be seated at a table, but it would be a 40-minute wait, so he sat at the bar and avoided the TV screen.

He tried to enjoy his dinner in peace, but when a Yankee fan moaned, screamed and cheered at every pitch, he couldn’t take it anymore. He left after 10 minutes without finishing his meal.

This is hell, and it’s going to be worse these next few weeks. I resigned myself into thinking the Yankees will win it all. They have that championship look where everything is clicking from hitting to pitching to defense. They play like they won’t be denied. I felt that way when the Yankees took two out of three against the Los Angeles Dodgers out in Los Angeles in August. Maybe the Houston Astros surprise us all and end our misery. That’s our last hope.


Yankees fans are worse now than they were during the Yankees dynasty days from the late 90s. They behave so vile, and they use vulgar language at games that make a sailor blush. They express no knowledge of the game when hearing them in conversations. They start fights on Twitter and at local saloons. Listening to them talk baseball on WFAN grind my gears. They come off not only annoying, but as awful people. They procreated a new generation of Yankees fans 10 years ago, and now their kids have grown up to be awful Yankees fans.

When a visitor left the restaurant after 10 minutes last week because of a Yankees fan, there’s something wrong.

I haven’t watched a minute of the postseason because it’s hard to enjoy it when the Yankees participate in it. There’s no joy at all. Hard to find anyone likeable on that roster, and I tried in vain. Watching Brett Gardner act like an idiot by screaming at an umpire several times this season makes it easy to hate the Yankees. Most of all, the Yankees bore me since their games take like five hours as a result of them taking long at-bats by fouling pitches after pitches.

Blame the Yankees for what could be the end for managers. The Yankees started a trend where it’s all about collaboration with input from general managers and the rest of the front office applying analytics in the game. There won’t be no need for managers anymore when general managers have more control of what goes on in a game. The Yankees are not even managed, and they have won proving the idea a team does not really need a manager to win games or win a championship.

Get ready to hear this annoying rhetoric about Yankees fans waiting 10 years since they saw their proud team win a championship. Tell that to a Dodgers fan, Twins fan or a Tigers fan, and they will raise you how long they have to wait for a championship. For the Dodgers fans, it’s 31 years and counting. For the Twins fans, it’s 28 years and counting. For the Tigers fans, it’s been 35 years and counting.

Yankees fans love to slobber all over themselves about their loyalty to a team that won 27 championships. They are remarkable for praising themselves for supporting a team that hasn’t had a losing season since 1992. They are inspiring when they praised the Yankees for winning with homegrown players despite the fact that team features so many veteran players that make their homegrown players’ job easy. They make me laugh when they talk about their team not having the highest payroll, never mind the Yankees’ payroll is $210 million, not exactly Rays-like payroll.

Yankees fans are so courageous for being loyal all these seasons. Might as well give them a Nobel Peace Prize award just for that.

Yankees fans amuse me, though in a sense that they like to talk nonsense, but when someone responds with facts or call the Yankees out, they get defensive quickly. I dealt with that for the last 20 years. It never gets old taunting them.

But they may get the last laugh on this one. The Yankees are just too good to lose a championship. The scary thing is they could form the next dynasty, and it will get even worse. Plus, the Yankees always have money to spend. Imagine them signing Gerrit Cole and Madison Bumgarner this offseason. Yeah, perish the thought.

Yankees fans reap the fruits of labor of their team, even though they don’t deserve it. They strike me as the dumbest people I ever spoke to. It stinks they may get to see a championship and maybe another dynasty.

Yankees fans make it easy to hate the Yankees by embellishing their team’s accomplishments and making it all about themselves. They actually think they contribute to their team’s success. They are as insufferable as Boston Red Sox fans who whine about suffering, even though they saw their beloved team win four World Series championships in recent memory.

Yankees fans are by far the most obnoxious, self-important and insufferable fans of all fanbases I dealt with. And now that the Yankees play the Houston Astros in the American League Championship Series that starts this Saturday night at Minute Maid Park, we will be subjected to the Yankees and their fans nonsense.

Only a prayer can stop these guys.

Heaven help us!

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