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Of all teams, Jets could use Kaepernick

For all intents and purposes, the Jets’ 0-2 start spells season over.

The Jets will say it’s two games. I say slow time of Sam Darnold’s recovery from mononucleosis and the Jets’ hideous schedule that features the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles on the road followed by playing the Dallas Cowboys and the Patriots at home. Even Jets fans are smart enough not to believe this pap offered by their team, even if Darnold was under center for those games.

There’s no reason to pay attention to them. Season’s over before the baseball regular season ends a week from now. The next three months serve as details to what likely will be another awful season.

From watching this offensive line, the Jets should shut down Darnold for the season in light of Trevor Siemian’s season ending injury after Myles Garrett destroyed him. The last thing the Jets need is to have their franchise quarterback end up like Andrew Luck or David Carr. It’s commendable Darnold wants to play against the Eagles on Oct. 6, but the Jets must think big picture here. They are not good enough to risk his health for a lost cause.

You know what I am thinking on who should be the Jets quarterback, right? No, you really don’t.

Yes, I am going there. How about hiring Colin Kaepernick to play one season for the Jets? A one-year deal. He would make this season more interesting than Darnold. He would make the Jets relevant with everyone watching what he does. He could bring a little bite for a product that has grown stale.

For anyone that questions what Kaepernick would serve for the Jets, there’s plenty. For one thing, he would be a fascinating case study on what he could do in playing Gase’s offense. Two, he knows how to win games. Finally, he could be that one quarterback who can escape that awful offensive line with his mobility.

It remains to be seen what Darnold could do with Gase’s offense. In the first game, he appeared like he had no idea what he was doing out there. He did not generate much offense in that game. He played like a rookie who seemed to have a hard time understanding the verbiage of whatever offense Gase runs.

It’s no secret Gase’s offense can be complicated. He runs millions of plays that can be hard for a quarterback to understand. It takes a professional like Peyton Manning to get it.

Enter Kaepernick. He can make Gase’s offense look good by executing it with his arm and his mobility. One can make a case he suits what Gase needs more than what Darnold or any Jets quarterback can do. We all know he can run, but people forget he can throw well. For him to run and throw while play is still in action, that’s a skill set.

People forget that he was a winner as the 49ers quarterback. He led them to the Super Bowl once. We are not talking Trent Dilfer here. This was a difference maker who changed the complexion of the game. At one time, we all thought he would revolutionize the position and have a chance to be at Canton.

He may not be the quarterback he is anymore, but he was productive under Chip Kelly in his final season for the 49ers. He still can play. More than some quarterbacks playing in the league. Certainly more than what the Jets have right now. Sorry, but Luke Falk isn’t going to have me or any Jets fan watching any Jets game for awhile.

Kaepernick gives the Jets a better chance to win than Falk. At least, he can say he was a success in the NFL.

With the ineptitude of this offensive line, the Jets need a quarterback who can be the sacrificial lamb. That’s where Kaepernick comes into play. He can take the hits. Even better, he can escape it with his mobility. He brings toughness that even Darnold does not have. For a year, it makes sense that he plays with this line while Darnold can take a year off and be ready to go next season while Jets general manager Joe Douglas focuses on drafting some good offensive linemen.

The Jets should send a message to the NFL about bringing Kaepernick back. By signing him, they would tell the owners to stick it about getting a polarizing player. He served his time by being blackballed. It should be about winning football games and survival for the Jets now. Whatever his politics is should not matter anymore. It’s been three years since he took a knee in standing up to police brutality.

By bringing Kaepernick back, credibility comes back to the Jets again. This franchise could use good news and good fortune. By doing the right thing, they get good karma back. This is bigger than football.

The Jets have more to gain than lose in signing Kaepernick on and off the field.

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  1. I don’t agree with this at all. Kaeparnick hasn’t played football in years and was terrible at the end of his career. I’m so sick of his anti-american crud. He’s a disease with no cure.

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