Giants should sign Kaepernick

For football reasons and public relation reasons, it makes sense the Giants should seek Colin Kaepernick's services.


The New York Football Giants failed to make their 2020 season better this offseason.

They made no moves to improve their team. They hired a coach that resembles Billy Heywood from the movie “Little Big League” in Joe Judge rather than hire a qualified African-American coach in Eric Bieniemy or a Super Bowl winning coach in Mike McCarthy or a competent coach in Brad Childress. They still employ a blowhard general manager in Dave Gettleman, who has done nothing great in his two forgettable years here.

But the Giants can make one game-changing move with a swipe of someone’s signature. They should sign Colin Kaepernick.


For football reasons, this serves as a great move because he gives them a chance to win and make Daniel Jones better. For humane reasons, the Giants would do the right thing by giving him a job that he deserves after being blackballed by the NFL and its owners for kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality. For public relations reasons, it would make them likable and easy to root for after so much losing and bad public relations since they last won the Super Bowl.

Sure, anyone can think of drawbacks in a sense that when the former 49ers star did not play in years past, he would create media attention that Judge does not need in his first season. Too bad. Besides the Giants have enough media attention as it is that they should be used to it and embrace it.

The Giants should be the last team to even think about the repercussions that come with it. They played awful these last few years to say it’s beneath them to sign him.

The Giants think they have an established quarterback in Jones. Apparently, their fans and guys that cover the team such as The Record’s Art Stapleton and WFAN’s Paul Dottino think the Giants second-year quarterback is a star in the making. Talk about delusional. Last I checked, the Giants did plenty of losing with Jones, and he threw 12 interceptions and fumble 18 times (the fifth-highest mark in NFL history). For anyone that touts him throwing 24 touchdowns for 3,027 yards, a cynic can say all of this was in garbage time.

Here’s the only thing that matters when judging a quarterback: Wins and losses. Jones did so much more losing than winning here.

Quite frankly, Jones needs competition rather than get a guarantee he will start this season. He has to be better than what he has shown. He must earn his job. Last year means nothing, especially when Heywood err I meant Judge never coached him or saw him play in person. The new Giants head coach should have the right to have flexibility in the most important position of the sport.

Kaepernick can push Jones and even make him a better quarterback. Honestly, Jones should come to training camp with a sense of urgency, and Kaepernick does the trick. Let the best quarterback win.

Even if Jones wins the job, he could struggle or get hurt. That’s where Kaepernick comes in handy. He would step in and play like a veteran that knows how to win and play the game. He would win games that makes all of this a refreshing concept. Maybe he becomes the Giants quarterback for the next 10 years. Who knows?

Kaepernick once led the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl, and at one point, he was Patrick Mahomes before Mahomes entered the scene. He still can be that guy.

On what has gone wrong with this country, Kaepernick would provide a welcome respite and hope. He would be a feel-good story that people could use. He would get everyone rooting for him and the Giants.

What is there to lose? I see more pros to this signing than cons.

The Giants will not like this idea because he does not represent their buttoned-down culture and he is not the prototypical white quarterback. Their fans won’t like this idea since he would bring so much media attention that could distract the team. Again, too bad.

This is about winning games. This is about doing the right thing. This is about showing this franchise means business again.

It means the Giants would finally do something right for a change.

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