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Everything about Jets is offensive

This Jets season turned out to be exasperating, frustrating and disgusting after a quarter of a season. After a bye week, it hasn’t gotten any better despite Jets players talking about a fresh start.

Sunday afternoon represented the same old thing. Awful offense, soft defense, uninspiring special teams, disgusting penalties and hideous coaching rolled into one in the Jets’ 31-6 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. A poor response by a troubled team after a bye week should raise plenty of questions.

Here’s hoping Jets fans did not throw their hard-earned money to go to Philadelphia and watch this horse manure of a performance. If they did, shame on them since they knew this Jets team had no chance with Luke Falk starting at quarterback whatsoever. The Jets announced on Friday their quarterback Sam Darnold would not be playing against the Eagles since his spleen was not up to play, so Jets fans should have known better.

Still, would it have mattered even if Darnold played? Bad is bad. This goes beyond the quarterback. The offensive line stinks, which explains why Le’Veon Bell has not made an impact in his first season with the Jets. The defense gives up big plays. The coaching leaves so much to be desired from watching the Jets so far this year. The winless Jets have not played well enough to win in any of their four games this season.

As Bill Parcells would say, you are what your record says you are.

At least, the Jets scored a touchdown in this game. Vynicent Smith’s 19-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter snapped a stretch of 39 consecutive drives without an offensive touchdown and 31 consecutive drives without a point. They only got six points out of it since they failed to execute a pointless two-point conversion.

Wasn’t Jets head coach Adam Gase supposed to be an offensive mastermind when he was hired? He makes the late Tony Sparano as Kyle Shanahan when it comes to running an offense from watching the former Jets offensive coordinator’s ill-fated stint. He showed nothing so far. He can’t get the most out of his quarterbacks, including Darnold. It shouldn’t take this long for the Jets to score a touchdown, and even though it was a touchdown, it wasn’t a touchdown pass. The last time the Jets scored a touchdown was on Opening Day against the Buffalo Bills.

Please don’t say Gase has to work with Falk. How come Jaguars offensive coordinator John DeFillippo is getting results out of unheralded quarterback Gardner Minshew? How about Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich making something out of nothing with Jacoby Brissett? How about Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Norv Turner making unknown Kyle Allen into a star?

A good offensive coordinator should be good enough to get something out of the offense despite the personnel. The Jets don’t have that many playmakers, and no one will confuse them for the New Orleans Saints playmakers, but they should do better than what they have showed. Some competence would be more like it.

The Jets have every right to wonder if they were sold a bill of goods when it comes to Gase. If he can’t get something decent out of what he has to work with, what makes them think he is the guy to have Darnold play like a star one day?

Sure the offensive line stinks, but teams score points with bad offensive lines, so this does not pass the smell test on why the Jets are struggling to score.

Then there’s Bell. He appears like a player that may have played past his prime from watching him. His performance so far indicates that the Jets may have buyer’s remorse. He ran for 43 yards on 15 carries against the Eagles.

So far, Bell has been limited to 2.9 yards per carry with one score.

Gase tried to get his running back going by running plays for him out of necessity because he does not have a quarterback that can throw deep, but nothing worked.

The Jets wide receivers offer nothing since they are not that good or the quarterback doesn’t have time to throw to them or Gase’s play calling does not require his quarterback to throw to Robby Anderson. Either way, this is not good.

The Jets offensive line allowed 10 sacks against the Eagles on Sunday. It was so bad that it got Falk hurt to the point he left the game and David Fales played. Not only did the Jets own offensive line get Trevor Siemian out of the game in the Jets’ 23-3 loss to the Cleveland Browns to the point he is done for the season, but they may not have Falk for next week’s game.

It isn’t the loss that is troubling. It’s how the Jets lost all four games this season. This is on the head coach. Even Jets head coach Todd Bowles did not have his team play this bad in his tenure.

Just because Darnold recovers from mononucleosis, it does not give the license for the Jets to play awful, which has been the case this season. The Colts dealt with Andrew Luck retiring in the middle of training camp, but they managed to be resourceful by being competitive and competent with Brissett as they demonstrated with a 19-13 victory over the Super Bowl contender Kansas City Chiefs to improve to 3-2.

Even if Darnold is healthy, the Jets would likely stink because the coaching is awful.

The problem goes beyond the quarterback. Failed Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan left the talent barren on his way to being fired.

Gase knew coming in that he would not get the benefit of the doubt being that he was the experienced coach that Jets CEO Chris Johnson trust. He talked a good game. Now, he is just your typical Jets coach who has no answers or solutions to what is a team that is a mess all around.

We can blame Darnold’s absence all we want, but at some point, Gase should coach his team up instead of having his team looking hideous and unprepared each game.

If the Jets play like this in December, Gase could be and should be one-and-done as the Jets head coach.

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