Accountability does not exist with Giants

Rather than admitting the Giants stink, Joe Judge, John Mara and Dave Gettleman displayed delusions of grandeur.

The Giants have a problem.

Lack of accountability existed for this franchise for a long time now, and it continued this week when Giants head coach Joe Judge, Giants owner John Mara and Giants general manager Dave Gettleman did their review of the team. Judge did his on Monday, and Mara and Gettleman did it on Wednesday.

Besides whining about the Philadelphia Eagles indirectly for playing ineffective third-string quarterback Nate Sudfeld in the fourth quarter that cost the Giants a playoff spot and aided the Washington Football Team’s 20-14 victory, winning the NFC East, Judge praised himself for creating a great culture and doing a good job. Mara and Gettleman talked about a better tomorrow and progress.

Neither of the three apologized for having another losing season and playoff-less season this season. The Giants went 6-10, falling short of winning the horrible division. All of the three performed Hear No Evil, See No Evil speech.


The Giants brain trust came off pathetic.

Is this what it comes down to? Incremental progress? Whatever happened to wins and losses? Whatever happened about going to the playoffs? Whatever happened to vying for the Super Bowl?

The late Giants owner Wellington Mara must be rolling in his grave.

If being a 6-10 team considered a success, then the Giants have problems that any Giants fan can imagine.

Judge did awful in his first season contrary to popular belief. His team started 1-7, and his team fell apart by losing three in a row after beating the Seattle Seahawks on Dec. 6. They recovered to beat the Cowboys 23-19 to stay alive for the divisional race until Washington won their game Sunday night.

He displayed no strong leadership at any point of the season. He did not include much accountability because his players were often undisciplined at games. There were times the Giants were unmotivated and uninspired to play. That’s why it’s laughable Giants fans and Giants media apologists lauded Judge for the great coaching job he did.

Sorry, but he comes nowhere close to the job Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski or Washington head coach Ron Rivera did. Unlike him, those two coaches led their teams to the playoffs.

If the Giants finished 9-7 this season, Judge deserved credit. They didn’t get it done, and for them to not get it done in a horrible division, it’s an indictment of the Giants rookie head coach.

It was refreshing to hear Mara and Gettleman out of their bunker on a Zoom call. Not surprisingly, both said nothing of significance that should make Giants fans feel better.

Mara mentioned the Giants making progress, even though the record and losses said the opposite. If 6-10 is his idea of progress, his standards have become low. This shouldn’t be accepted after the Giants finished with a losing season for the seventh time in eight seasons. They missed the playoffs during that time span, too. He can make a case if the Giants went 9-7, but 6-10 and an awful finish does not make this progress.

Gettleman talked about his team being in a better place. He touted about his draft picks growing up. He cited better talent on the team now than when he came in. It sounded like either he was delusional or he performed a spoof.

His draft picks yet to make that much of an impact because if it was, the Giants would not have a losing season. They haven’t developed as stars. As for his free agents, he got Graham Gano right, but other than that, that was it.

Go ahead and talk about how good Blake Martinez, Logan Ryan and James Bradberry were if it makes you feel better as a Giants fan looking for hope, but if we are using WAR shares to describe them in sabermetric terms, it wasn’t that much. Let me put it this way. They did not make the impact like Jerry Reese’s free agents of Olivier Vernon, Janoris Jenkins and Damon Harrison did, leading the Giants to the playoffs in 2016, which was their last playoff appearance.

Again if those free agents Gettleman signed truly made an impact, they would not have a losing record.

Oh, and his quarterback Daniel Jones stinks. It was another awful season for him. He threw for 11 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. It’s comically amusing the Giants think he is the guy when his 8-19 record suggests otherwise.

The next player Gettleman gets it right is his first.

Mara praised Gettleman for his work, which is comically amusing if it really wasn’t that sad. We all knew the Giants general manager was never in danger of losing his job because the Giants owner like him, not to mention he does Mara’s bidding of operating a football team. It’s part of the old boy network privilege he has.

Polishing a turd to make it sound good does the fans a disservice. Fans want honesty. They are not stupid. They know the results.

Before the Giants can be an elite team, their brain trust should learn to be honest with themselves and be accountable.

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    Leslie is a Giants Hater. Radio Royalty, but hates on Big BluE.

  2. Leslie Monteiro says

    Sorry if the truth hurts.


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