Why should we trust Giants?

After making believers out of us, the Giants made fool out of us after a 26-7 home loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Giants head coach Joe Judge provided the money quote of the Giants’ 26-7 home loss to the Arizona Cardinals in the Zoom press conference after the game Sunday. He said his team was outcoached and outplayed.

No argument there.

The Giants proved themselves to be a fraud and a team that should really not be trusted despite what the Giants media bootlickers and Giants fans will say. Heck, we were guilty of this on this proud site. Shame on all of us. Just when the Giants made everyone believe, they put on horse dung of a performance that raises questions about their playoff hopes this season.

With the Washington Football Team continuing to be a team of destiny after Monday’s 23-17 road victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers and Sunday’s 23-15 road victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Glendale, Arizona, the Giants playoff hopes could be in peril. They no longer control their destiny after trailing WFT by a game in the NFC East standings.


The Giants didn’t have to worry about their divisional opponent as long as they kept winning. Now, they will. They also know they could have another losing season with eight losses to boot.

So much for Judge being the Coach of the Year. So much for putting him in Canton after a four-game winning streak.

He failed to coach the Giants to a victory by having them unprepared and flat the entire day today. He couldn’t have the foresight to take Giants quarterback Daniel Jones out when he struggled in the first half. He inexplicably not used Wayne Gallman to set the tone on offense. He couldn’t lead them.

If we hail Judge for coaching the Giants to a winning streak, we can savage him for an awful coaching performance against the Cardinals. It’s not a crime to do so. He admitted he got outcoached.

No one on the Giants roster should be proud of this performance. Everyone stunk. The Cardinals did whatever they want when they wanted to. They ran the ball with no resistance. Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray treated the MetLife Stadium as his personal playground by running past the Giants defenders and throwing the ball at Giants cornerbacks.

The offensive line played terribly by allowing the Cardinals to get eight sacks (five of them came from New Jersey’s Haason Reddick) of Daniel Jones. Exiled Giants offensive line coach Marc Colombo probably grinned from his living room just seeing that after Judge thought he was the problem when in reality, he never was.

The Giants lacked a sense of urgency the entire day. They thought the struggling Cardinals would come to MetLife Stadium and lay down for the streaking Giants. That shouldn’t be the case being that the Giants are not an elite team like the Kansas City Chiefs to play to the level of competition. They have a losing record for a reason.

Situations like this make Judge earn his money and status. It’s on him to make sure the Giants don’t fall into traps like this. It’s just another part of the learning curve he has to deal with as a coach.

This loss could be the dagger of the Giants’ season. Technically, they are still in this race. They can win three in a row and Washington can lose two or three in a row. Anything is possible.

But what exactly the Giants showed they can do it? No one should trust them anymore this season after a loss like Sunday. Shame on us for thinking this would be different in the first place. We should know better considering this team gives more losses like this more often.

The Giants can put on another clunker before it ends. The Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, and Dallas Cowboys don’t strike fear on anyone, but do the Giants strike fear on any of those teams? We all thought the Giants would beat the Cardinals until the game started.

Everyone assumes the Washington Football Team could have a clunker in them, and that could be true. But all they do is win games every week. They find ways to win. To win two games on the road says more about their coaching and character.

Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera knows how to lead and handle adversity and prosperity, and that’s why the Washington Football Team is in the position they are in. That’s why he should be the NFL Coach of the Year, not the Giants head coach.  Judge needs to learn both before he and the Giants can get into a better place.

The little engine that could entertain us for a bit where we became delusional on them.

But reality set in about what the Giants are.

The clock could have struck midnight for them after Sunday.

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