Why are Gettleman and Mara hiding?

For Giants general manager Dave Gettleman and John Mara to not talk to the media about the Giants during the bye week, they failed to do their duty to the public and not express accountability on their part.

The Giants did not have anyone from their organization to scout quarterback pariah Colin Kaepernick in his workout on his own terms at Charles R. Drew High School this past Saturday.

The type of chutzpah the Giants displayed when it comes to arrogance. It’s amusing scouting Kaepernick would be beneath them since they don’t have a quarterback that can play or win games. Sorry, but Daniel Jones’ 2-6 record as Giants starting quarterback fails to inspire confidence. His eight interceptions and 13 fumbles (losing nine of them) raise concerns about his ability to play the position.

Kaepernick can’t be worse, and honestly, he can play the position better than Jones. But it would require the Giants to answer questions about why they signed him to sprinkle in to why the Giants stink, and these days, the blowhard Giants general manager Dave Gettleman and all-of-a-sudden reclusive John Mara express no reason to speak to the Giants fans via media because they feel it’s beneath them.

Last week was the Giants’ bye week, and normally Gettleman or Mara or both would be talking to the media to express the state of the team. They failed their fans by not doing their duty, and it showed there is no accountability on their part.


The Giants experienced lean times since their 2011 team last won the Super Bowl. For the seventh time in eight seasons, they will miss the playoffs. They haven’t won a playoff game since that magical run they had. They fired a head coach and a successful general manager since then. They are likely going to fire Pat Shurmur as their head coach after this season.

Shurmur takes all the attacks from the media and fans. It comes with the territory of being a well-compensated coach that is not winning. Still, fans want to hear more than just him. They want answers to why this once-proud franchise is in a rut.

No one can blame the fans when this drought keeps extending each season. Right now, there’s no hope things are moving in the right direction. The quarterback stinks, the defense butchers and the offense blows.

In a time where Giants fans seek assurance and answers, Gettleman and Mara can’t provide it. This is wrong on their part. It shows right there this franchise can’t get things right whatsoever. If they can’t give you answers, that’s a problem because it shows they don’t know what they are doing. That also creates an impression they don’t care.

They owe it to the fans to apologize for another bad, unwatchable season. Even disgraced Knicks CEO James Dolan forced Knicks president Steve Mills and Knicks general manager Scott Perry to talk to the media and apologize to the fans for what has been an awful Knicks start to the season after a Knicks’ 108-87 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 10. Such a refreshing concept to see accountability taking place at 2 Penn Plaza.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this takes place at 1925 Giants Drive?

If Wellington Mara was alive, he would be front and center apologizing to the fans and demanding accountability from his executives and players. The late Giants patriarch owner would not be proud of his son for ducking the media.

It should raise questions about John Mara’s ability to run the Giants. He certainly can’t lead. He got it wrong in hiring Ben McAdoo to replace Tom Coughlin with the idea McAdoo would be his Coughlin for 20 years. He hasn’t gotten it right in hiring Shurmur, who has no business being an NFL head coach based on his lack of leadership and presence in that position. Gettleman does not remind anyone of George Young based on all of his draft picks such as Saquon Barkley, Corey Ballentine, DeAndre Baker, Dexter Lawrence, Will Hernandez and Jones doing nothing in the NFL.

When Mara inherited the Giants from his son, he had a proper infrastructure in place with Ernie Accorsi as the Giants architect and Coughlin as the head coach. Now that those two are gone, Mara is like the emperor being naked as in being exposed.

It could just be Steve Tisch may have to reassert control of the Giants from Mara altogether. Not that we have any idea he can get it right, either, but we saw enough of the current Giants CEO to know he is not the answer based on this forgettable decade.

If Mara does not have the answers or feel the need to talk to the fans, maybe it’s time for him to look for another line of work.

Gettleman’s draft choices and his free agent signings showed he is the wrong guy for the job.

Yet, Gettleman is in no danger of losing his job since Mara trusts him, so the Giants CEO becomes a problem in that regard.

For Gettleman and Mara to keep hiding, it shows those two really don’t care about this franchise and that they are the wrong guys at the helm.

It should be enough for both to earn a pink slip.

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  1. Bob Booey says

    The draft picks have done nothing? I hope the person who writes this dribble doesn’t receive money for it.


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