What good does winning serve for NY Toilet Bowl?

The Jets beat the Giants in what was an unwatchable game. In reality, it does not mean much when both teams are not heading in the right direction.

Such a shame someone won the Jets and Giants game on Sunday at MetLife Stadium. Both teams stunk. So many turnovers. So many errors. So many dropped passes. So much poor execution.

If this game deservedly fit for a tie, it was that game. Instead, the Jets celebrated a 34-27 victory over the Giants because someone had to win.

Jets CEO Christopher Johnson enjoyed sticking it to the Giants so much that he announced on Wednesday his beleaguered head coach Adam Gase would stay on as coach next season. He may have been caught up in the moment to say it since there really is no guarantee that Gase will be back if the Jets finish the season at 2-14. Things change in a sense the final record can change Johnson’s mind.

If anyone can take something good out of this game, it’s Jets quarterback Sam Darnold. He completed 19 of 30 for 230 yards and one touchdown. Most importantly, he did not throw an interception. He needed a game like that to jumpstart his confidence after three hideous games he played in.


Other than that, there is nothing positive that can come out of this game.

The Jets begged to lose this game because their defense let Daniel Jones torched the Jets secondary for 308 yards. They gave the Giants opportunities to finish them off, and the Giants didn’t get it done.

This puts the Giants in a spot that they don’t want to be in. They are 2-7 heading to the bye week with no hope anytime soon. Looking at the schedule, it’s possible they do not get anymore wins this season. Maybe the Washington Redskins, and that’s it.

A 3-13 or 2-14 season means someone will pay with his job. That someone could be Giants coach Pat Shurmur. There’s no way anyone on the Giants will not be spared after a hideous season. Giants CEO John Mara has to fire someone just to show the fans he cares about the state of this sorry franchise. Firing Giants defensive coordinator James Bettcher won’t be enough to calm the Giants fans.

Shurmur could and should be the scapegoat for everything that has gone wrong since he showed he can’t coach or lead. A 2-8 record this season, 7-19 Giants record so far and a 17-42 overall head coaching record fail to inspire any confidence that he can coach the Giants to a winning season anytime soon.

His players aren’t getting better. They sure don’t seem to want to play for him based on their lethargic effort all season long. This does not make a case for Mara to keep him.

Giants general manager Dave Gettleman will get a pass because Mara likes him, even though he showed no evidence that he can build a team. Most of his draft picks such as Saquon Barkley, DeAndre Baker, Dexter Lawrence and Will Hernandez failed to make an impact in the NFL. Daniel Jones put good numbers, but he hasn’t done much winning and he threw eight interceptions and committed 13 fumbles.

It’s mystifying why Gettleman gets a free pass by Mara, Giants fans and some media members that cover the Giants. Sure he talks a good game and he did help Jerry Reese build a championship team, but that goes only so far. His draft picks offer no tangible evidence that they can be great in the NFL.

Losing to an awful Jets team shows the Giants are not heading in the right direction. They keep getting worse each week, and that’s why Shurmur’s job will be scrutinized the rest of the season. But if the Giants think firing Shurmur solves everything, they are fooling themselves.

Gettleman built a roster that can’t defend, kick and score.

As for the Jets, beating the Giants does nothing since it ignores the issue at hand. The team is poorly coached and the roster is flawed. Outside of Darnold, there’s nothing good coming out of that roster.

This is a roster that needs to be broken down. They need to start over and rebuild from the ground up. They are far away from being a championship contender, let alone a winning team. This front office offers no confidence. Ownership is beyond bad. Why would anyone trust the Johnson family to get it right when they haven’t gotten it right?

The Jets need so many things such as offensive line, cornerback, linebackers, punters and so much more. It’s not just the coach they need.

As good as the win against the Giants sounds, it means nothing. The Jets still stink. Improving to 2-7 does nothing, and even if the Jets win out, it does not signify progress whatsoever since they are a bad football team.

At the end, nothing good came out of this game. The Giants stink, and the Jets winning does not do much.

It’s a shame there was no trophy that would resemble a toilet.

It would be fitting considering no one really cared who won outside of the Jets.

Ah, to go back to the ol’ days when Rex Ryan took the Snoopy Bowl seriously.

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