We have a GIANT problem

After a disheartning season Where do Giants go from here? This is the same old story. It's time for change.

Another week another Giants loss. Sadly this has become the norm for many Giants fans including myself over the past number of years. There’s so many holes on this team that there’s too many to count.

Let’s start with the coaching. James Bettcher is supposed to be this great defensive coordinator but they’re ranked 23rd. Why you ask? There’s a number of reasons missed assignments leaving guy’s wide open. There’s a lot of rookies on this defense right now which makes us miss Landon Collins, the guy The Giants didn’t even attempt to re sign. (Kind of like the Mets with Zack Wheeler)

But the problems don’t stop with the defense oh no. The offensive line is also a problem. Nate Solder is supposed to be an elite offensive Lineman but when we watch him he can’t seem to protect anyone. Complete waste of money.

The Giants offense has it’s problems too partly due to injuries. But Saquon Barkley has regressed this year. Now you can say it’s because he rushed back after getting hurt and that’s possible, but I believe he’s healthy. What I think is the issue is teams know that he’s the Giants biggest weapon and they don’t want him beating them so defenses are more prepared. On a positive note Darius Slayton looks like a draft steal.


Now on to the two BIGGEST problems for this Giants team. Pat Shurmur. Oh boy where to start. He doesn’t seem to know how to coach a Pop Warner team, let alone a Professional Football team. His play calling is questionable and he puts the team in disadvantages such as wasting timeouts among other things.

After a game has anyone ever listened to this man in a postgame press conference? I unfortunately have. When reporters ask him a question he gives answers that tell you absolutely NOTHING. He seems bothered by reporters asking him questions. One of his favorite things to say is we battled hard. Where have we heard that one before? (Yes Mickey Callaway I’m talking about you) He can’t handle New York. He should go back to being a Defensive Coordinator. Shurmur needs to go.

And finally Dave Gettleman. He’s made some bad moves as Giants GM. Hiring Pat Shurmur as coach, Signing Nate Solder to that HORRENDOUS contract. Letting Landon Collins walk without offering him a deal. But he’s made some good moves as well. I mentioned drafting Darius Slayton earlier. He drafted Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones who looks like our QB of the future. But overall I believe he needs to go as well.

The late Wellington Mara and Bob Tisch would be disgusted if they saw the state of their once proud franchise. Therefore John Mara and Steve Tisch need to do the right thing and fire both Shurmur and Gettleman and hire the right people to help this team go back to being a proud franchise, because it certainly isn’t these two men who’ll do it.

The Giants have a GIANT problem. It’s time for ownership to do something about it.

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  1. Jay says

    Well said, Kevin. Best article on this site.


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