Trading Adams would be addition by subtraction

Disgruntled Jets safety Jamal Adams would be the wrong guy to build a winning culture.

Jets safety Jamal Adams played for the team for three losing seasons. He’s more known for his antics than his performance. This itself makes him a losing player than a winning player.

Adams complained about his contract situation despite the fact he still has two years to go until his contract expires. He expressed his unhappiness with the team as each losing season passes on. He displayed his immaturity when he injured a Patriots mascot at practice in his first Pro Bowl appearance last season and when he expressed his outrage about being in trade talks this past season.

His latest act should be his last act with the Jets. He told Jakson Velasquez that he is trying as hard as he can to go to the Dallas Cowboys in a video that Velasquez posted on Twitter. This comes after he responded to a disgruntled Jets fan in the name of Jonathan Abramson on Instagram this week by suggesting it’s time for him to move on. He is absolutely right, and the Jets fans agree with him.

The Jets can satisfy him by trading Adams to anywhere. He will be happy to play for anyone as long as he does not play for his current team.


Even if the Jets give him an extension this offseason, he will complain, so what’s the point? If he does not want to play for them, he gives them no choice but to trade him.

The Jets aim to create a winning culture, and having a loser like Adams speaks everything that is wrong about them with that lousy attitude of his.

The Jets stink with him, and they can stink without him because they are going to be awful again this season.

It isn’t going to work for Adams as a Gang Green member, and the Jets shouldn’t waste his time or their time trying to make this work in a league that features coaches hating distractions.

Whether they get so much in return for him or not is irrelevant here. He did not win here, and it’s hard to remember anything which he was a difference maker in any time. He puts meaningless stats that would make fantasy league owners happy, but it does not win games. Who can remember his inability to finish off interceptions by dropping the ball?

Yes, it does not reflect well on the Jets that Adams would get his way by being traded. It represents bad optics that a foundation player wants no part of being a Jet because this cursed franchise knows how to lose than win.

But keeping a disgruntled player can cause more headaches than happiness. Adams’ attitude should not be rubbing off on other Jets players who want to make a name for themselves in the league and try to do an arduous task of making the team great.

It’s interesting Jets fans side more with their team than the Jets safety. This Jets franchise fails to earn the benefit of the doubt with so much losing and nonsense that comes with it. It’s easy to blame the Jets here because first-year head coach Adam Gase did all he could to foster horrible working conditions in his first season. It speaks about the minimal impact Adams had for this team.

Adams made it clear he wants no part of being the guy that changes the Jets culture. He never was interested. He knows it’s a lost cause, and it’s too much trouble for him to waste his time.

The way he has gone about it, the Jets have no reason to extend his contract despite two years to go on his original contract. He strikes me as a diva, and that never works out for a team. Just ask the Giants and Odell Beckham Jr.

Once a player wears out his welcome in New York, he can never get it back. Adams lost the fans for good. They keep these long memories of his antics in their brain. It would create a bad atmosphere at MetLife Stadium when fans boo the Jets third-year player. This is not a fan base that can change its mind if he comes up with a great performance, which makes Jets fans one of the best fan bases in the NFL.

Adams is no dummy. He knows there is the point of no return for him.

It’s dangerous to make trades because of the fans, but Adams gives the Jets so much ammunition to do it for the team’s sake.

The sooner the Jets trade him, the better off everyone will be.

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