So much to chew on in sports

Thoughts on Leonard Williams, Jamal Adams, World Series, Larry Rothschild and Kyrie Irving.

Item: Jets trade Leonard Williams to Giants for draft picks

Williams joins a recent trend of the Jets first round draft picks that turned out to be a bust. He offered nothing for the Jets. He never made big plays, and he struggled to tackle. He came off as soft. He may have been serviceable, but he wasn’t a winning player in the end. Getting rid of him is no loss.

If anyone wants an answer to why the Jets have not made a playoff appearance since they last played in the AFC Title Game, look back at the busts the Jets accumulated from their first round draft picks. Players such as Kyle Wilson, Muhammad Wilkerson, Quinton Coples, Sheldon Richardson, Calvin Pryor, Williams and Darron Lee never became stars, and their Jets tenure ended short or badly. Not just first round picks, but their picks in the later rounds, too.

It’s why John Idzik’s tenure was short as Jets general manager, and it’s why Mike Maccagnan was fired this offseason. Now, it’s Joe Douglas’ burden to get it right or he will end up like those two.


As for the Giants, why would they trade their picks when they can just sign Williams in the offseason? Why help the Jets out?

Item: Jamal Adams is not happy that he was shopped around for a trade

Honestly, who cares if Adams is happy or not?

What exactly has he won? What big moments he created for the Jets? All he has done is yap and accomplished next to nothing. Another talker who can’t back it up when it matters. His best moment was him going up against the Patriots mascot in the Pro Bowl.

Adams should understand it’s a business. When the Jets have been as hideous these last few years, no one should be untouchable.

He’s a goner no matter what. He checked out as a Jet long time ago. He has been talking about playing elsewhere lately, so let him go.

He expressed his dissatisfaction on Twitter after Douglas denied trading him by saying he knew he was being shopped around, and he went off on the Jets to the media on Wednesday. The guess here is that he wanted to play for the Dallas Cowboys, and it never worked out, so he pouted.

Item: Game 7 of World Series

Not many people in the country have paid attention to this year’s World Series. No one cares here in the metropolitan area.

The Washington Nationals and Houston Astros offer nothing of interest for anyone to watch.

Here’s another problem: Games are way too long to the point the viewer loses interest after two hours. There’s no reason to watch a game that is too long if a fan has no vested interest in it.

It’s not like any of the games entertained anyone anyway despite the series going seven with all the road teams winning so far.

Count me in as not watching Game 7. I am more interested in watching Karl Anthony-Towns going up against Joel Embiid in the battle of big men out in Philadelphia tonight as the undefeated Minnesota Timberwolves play the Philadelphia 76ers.

Item: Yankees fire pitching coach Larry Rothschild

This was a scapegoat move by the Yankees to show there’s accountability.


Rothschild wasn’t as bad as the Yankees fans made him out to be, and the Yankees now this. He did well with what he had to work with the starting rotation and the bullpen. It’s hard to quibble his job performance.

Remember it was the lack of Yankees hitting that doomed the Yankees, not their starting pitching that gave them a chance against the Astros.

But hey someone has to take the blame. That’s the way it goes at Yankeeland.

Maybe one day Yankees general manager Brian Cashman gets his, even though he has a job for life since the Steinbrenner family don’t want to undergo the process of hiring a general manager.

Item: Kyrie Irving is moody

ESPN’s excellent basketball reporter Jackie MacMullan reported that Kyrie Irving’s mood swings have become an unspoken concern with the Nets.

In other news, was the Lindbergh baby found?

Look, this shouldn’t be news. The Nets knew what they got themselves into with Irving’s mercurial personality long time ago. They accept him for who he is, and they will deal with it when he is not engaged.  They don’t care about his personality as he is ready to go at game time. Same will be said for Kevin Durant, out with an Achilles injury, when he comes back on the court to play.

It has not been a problem since Irving averages 37.7 points per games with 6.3 assists. If anything, he has been the only Net that is producing.

If the Nets were 3-0, would this even be a story?

It’s a non-story regardless.



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