Redskins might as well been bye for Giants

The Redskins offered no resistance for the Giants on this Sunday afternoon, and they present a case that they are awful enough to be 0-16.

Les Carpenter of The Washington Post reported Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden could be coaching for his job in Sunday’s game against the Giants this week.

After the Redskins could not have the decency to play for their head coach in their 24-3 loss to the Giants on Sunday at MetLife Stadium, Gruden must be begging to be fired. Who can blame him to want to get paid to sit at home and do nothing? He has no chance to win with this winless team that is owned by a clueless owner in Daniel Snyder and a dummy in Bruce Allen. He does not want a 0-16 record on his coaching record.

No question the Redskins and Miami Dolphins should be quite a toilet bowl for the right to really clinch an 0-16 record this season when both teams play each other on Oct. 13 at Hard Rock Stadium. Hard to figure out who’s the favorite in this game because both teams stink. The wretched Redskins should be a slight favorite over the tanking Dolphins. We call it slight because after watching the bungling Redskins stink up MetLife Stadium with a horrible performance, it’s not a lock the Redskins would beat them.

For Snyder to force Gruden to coach that game, it would be cruel. But then again when has the spoiled, entitled Redskins owner ever been emphatic?


It would be more intriguing to see the Redskins go 0-16 than the Dolphins. There’s no hope for this franchise as long as Snyder owns them. Gruden can be fired, but as long as Allen and Snyder are around, nothing will get better. It will be the same old story. Why would any head coach want to work for an awful organization that does not get it and never will? Sure, it’s one of 32 head coaching jobs, but this is the last place to start a head coaching career. With the Dolphins, there’s nowhere to go but up. With the winless Redskins, it will always be more of the same because it’s the same people that ruin the franchise for a long time.

It wasn’t surprising the Giants won. They circled this game a victory when the schedule came out. They could have won even if Eli Manning played. Maybe he wouldn’t have played as great as Daniel Jones, but he would have found a way to win, in a sense he couldn’t screw up a wet pooch in the Redskins.

The Giants did not need Jones to do anything special to beat the Redskins on this day. The Redskins beat themselves to help the Giants.

How bad were they? They threw four interceptions, and they committed 12 penalties. They threw for only six first downs, and they ran for only two first downs.They finished with 176 yards on offense, and they only converted 2 of their 11 third downs. They changed quarterbacks after Case Keenum threw to no one during the game.  Redskins quarterback of the future Dwayne Haskins provided a little spark by giving the Redskins a field goal in his first drive of the game, but ultimately, he played like Keenum (6 of 11 for 37 yards, no touchdowns and an interception) by going 9 of 17 for 107 yards and throwing no touchdowns and three interceptions.

To make sure their defense did not feel left out of this debacle, they gave up 389 yards and 24 first downs.

The Redskins played like a stupid and uninterested team all day. Talk about players stealing money from an employer. The type of culture Snyder and Allen enabled for so long. Even Gruden doesn’t seem like he cares one bit, either.

It’s no wonder teams don’t take them seriously when they are on the schedule. They might as well represent themselves as homecoming for the home team when they play at their stadium. Shoot, the Redskins might as well be a bye week for that team in a sense they just have to show up and they will win, which was the case for the Giants.

No doubt Giants fans will get caught up with Jonesmania. New York’s flavor of the month brings so much element to the Giants offense with his passing, his running and his moxie. He makes this offense fun to watch. He completed 23 of 31 for 225 yards with a touchdown to show for it.

Giants fans might hype up the Giants defense.

Still, no one can deny this game was more about the Redskins than the Giants.

Both teams showed why they are polar opposites of each other. One played like a competent team, and one played like a team that can’t wait for the season to end, even though this season is only a month old. One quarterback restarts his team at 2-2 while neither quarterback can do anything to jump start his team from the other side.

The Redskins bungled their opportunity to make this a game when Gruden settled for a field goal in Haskins’ first NFL career drive rather than attempting for a touchdown at fourth down. He played to lose rather than win. Sure he got the elusive three points, but had he gone for it, it would have sent a message he believed in his young quarterback. He didn’t, and that sent a bad message to Haskins and the team. Right there, the Redskins lost that game. Whether or not Haskins would execute is irrelevant. It’s about belief and trust, and it did not happen.

Maybe it was meant to be. The Redskins are such a stumbling and bumbling organization that it would not have mattered whether they scored a touchdown or not in that possession. They were not winning that game.

The opinion here is the Redskins shouldn’t count on beating the Giants on Dec. 22, either. They offered nothing to think they can get this game when they play like an incompetent team.

At this point, they shouldn’t count on getting a win anytime soon. Certainly not in their next game against the defending champion New England Patriots at home.

Don’t discount them from being an 0-16 candidate.

Will Gruden be around for this ignominious feat?

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