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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady vying for his sixth Super Bowl championship.

He already was the best quarterback of all time when he won his fourth Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks. Going for his sixth championship is all details of what is a Hall of Fame career.

How long until Brady and Belichick’s run is over?

Here’s a bold take: I could see Brady playing until he is 50 and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick coaching until his late 70s. Who’s to say they can’t? Nowadays with modern medicine, proper diet and efficient workout, athletes can go play late in their 40s. One thing for sure: It isn’t ending anytime soon. Maybe in 2029.


Is Tom Brady best player ever in sports?

At this point, yes because of the longevity of his career and how effective he has been.

Tony Romo calling out plays before it actually happens.

He was applauded for knowing what the Patriots were going to do against the Chiefs defense and vice versa in the AFC title game on Sunday. He is also being criticized from guys like Sirius/XM Mad Dog Radio’s Chris “Mad Dog” Russo for telling  fans what will happen before it actually happens. For anyone that criticizes him for it, stop being a snowflake. His job as an analyst is to tell the viewers what’s going on in the game. Too many football analysts and color analysts offer so many clichés and no insights. This is the same Russo who complains about analysts adding nothing, so when he complains about Romo, he wants to have it both ways it seems.

Controversy sells for NFL.

If you think NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and company are losing sleep about fans being outraged about the lack of pass interference call that prevented the New Orleans Saints from getting a first down and maybe sealing the game with a touchdown against the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC title game, think again. The NFL loves it. The more controversy, the more promotion. Ratings and interest will continue to be up. It gets people talking. They have been talking about that awful call from Sunday to Tuesday nationally and in New Orleans. Controversial calls are such an important element in sports than we all realize because it is part of the story that comes within a story, and it gets people talking.

The bottom line is pro sports are about entertainment and nothing else. That’s the way it is, that’s the way it was and that’s the way it will be until the end of time.

If anyone wants the fairness of sports, watch a high school or Division II college athletic event.

Curt Schilling is not in the Hall of Fame.

I like to think he will be in the Hall of Fame, but who knows? He’s not popular with the baseball writers, and his view on politics does not help his cause.

It’s so stupid to not vote for him. He should be in because he was a great postseason pitcher, and he was underrated in the regular season. He was one of many reasons the Red Sox won two championships after the Red sox had a championship drought from 1918- 2003.

For Mike Mussina to be in the Hall of Fame before Schilling is a joke. Mussina wished he had Schilling’s accomplishments such as winning a World Series championship ring.

Baseball Hall of Fame will lose its meaning.

What stands out the most about the Baseball Hall of Fame unlike other sports is there are high standards on who should be in. It’s not about just being good. It’s about true greatness. It’s why people like to debate in water coolers, sports radio, sports bars, homes and social media when it comes to what baseball player is a Hall of Famer or not.

With Mussina and Harold Baines being inducted, those days have come to an end. Now you are going to get good players being in even though they never accomplish any milestones or doing anything of note in the postseason. That means Jason Giambi could be a Hall of Famer when all is said and done. Yuck!

Siena Saints could contend for the MAAC championship soon.

This was a rebuilding season with Jamion Christian being in his first year as the Siena basketball head coach after Jimmy Patsos was fired. So far, it has been a good season overall. They have won seven games, and they are 2-3 in conference play. They could have been 3-1 in MAAC play if they didn’t blow leads against Canisius and if they could have finished against Monmouth. They can finish the season .500 or above with the way they are going.

They have players to build around for the next few years in Jalen Pickett, Sloan Seymour and Georges Darwiche. Most importantly, they have a head coach who knows what he is doing, especially when it comes to making adjustments in the second half. He has a chance to be a mainstay at Siena for a long time.

Jalen Pickett keeps winning MAAC Rookie of the Week

For the fourth straight week and sixth time this season, Siena freshman point guard Jalen Pickett won the award. He eventually will win the MAAC Player of the Year before he graduates. He’s a transcending player.

Here’s what impressed me about him: When I covered Siena’s 71-66 victory over Marist on Jan. 11, Pickett focused more on setting picks and playing defense when his shots did not go in in the first half.  It was refreshing because most players want to atone for their struggles by keep shooting more rather than finding other ways to win. It speaks well of Pickett. He showed he gets it as a point guard, especially being that he is a freshman. He is also doing this while his thumb being hurting.

No one cares about the Nets in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

The Brooklyn Nets have won four in a row, and won 17 of their last 22 games. They deserve credit for saving their season after blowing a 23-point lead to lose 114-112 against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Dec. 5. They could have fell apart after being 8-18.

They should be commended for it.

Still, no matter how well they do, no one here will care because it’s the Nets. The Nets might as well play in Siberia.

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