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Matter of time until Mets and Phillies brawl

With the Mets and Phillies plunking each other and Rhys Hoskins showing them up with a slow trot after homering in the ninth inning, how could there not be a brawl next time they face each other.

On Tuesday night, Mets reliever Jacob Rhame threw chin music at Phillies slugger Rhys Hoskins couple of times. This came after the Phillies relievers plunked Jeff McNeil and Pete Alonso on Monday night.

Hoskins responded back Wednesday night by hitting a two-run home run off Rhame in the ninth inning in the Philadelphia Phillies’ 6-0 victory over the Mets. It wasn’t enough that he got back at Rhame for hitting a home run, but he rubbed it in by taking a slow lap around the bases that was clocked at 34.23 seconds, slower than even ex-Met Bartolo Colon’s 30.5 second lap around the bases when he hit an epic home run off San Diego Padres starter James Shields in 2016.

Hoskins told reporters after the game that he took a slow trot just to enjoy the moment of his home run because it was such a much-needed win for the Phillies, who lost five of their seven games in their seven-game road trip. But no one is stupid. The Mets and their fans deciphered his quote of enjoying the moment in response to being plunked by that same pitcher the previous night. Also, action speaks louder than words, and on this night, Hoskins’ trot spoke for itself.

The Phillies can make a case the Mets knew what they were doing by having Rhame face Hoskins in light of what happened in the second game of the three-game series.


Rhame and Mets manager Mickey Callaway offered no reaction to Hoskins’ trot. No reason to on their part. Why ignite the flames when both teams won’t play each other until June 24-27 at Citizens Bank Park? But if anyone thinks it’s over, think again. It makes more sense for both teams to brawl at Philadelphia since their fans love it when their sports teams fight with others. After all, Philadelphians revered Rocky Balboa for his fighting expertise despite being a fictional character.

Quite frankly, it was surprising it didn’t happen Tuesday night. The Phillies expressed their outrage about Haskins being plunked prior to the game. Everyone figured something would be up. The Mets anticipated it since the Phillies started it on Monday. Plus, the Phillies start up brawls with any team. Phillies manager Gabe Kapler, Bryce Harper and their fans make it hard for any team to like that team.

The Mets rather play baseball. The Phillies love stirring things up since it’s a Philadelphia thing to do. The Mets win with substance while the Phillies win with style.

The Phillies demonstrate their inferiority complex towards the Mets based on the fact they are viewed as a second fiddle to them, even though the Mets haven’t accomplished much outside of going to the World Series in 2015. The Phillies won the National League East in 2007 despite the Mets being up by seven games with 17 games left to play that season, not to mention they won the World Series in 2008.

If anything, the Mets should be playing the Phillies with a bit of an edge every game.

Both teams will ratchet up the action even more as the season progress. With summer starting soon, the warm weather heats up and tempers flare quickly. Plus, they are competing for first place in the division, and they feel they are good enough to win it.

It’s a great thing. The Mets could use a rival to keep them on edge. They haven’t had a rival going back to the 80s. Plus, with both teams being proximity to each other, it makes sense for both teams to go at it.

The Phillies know they are good enough to win the division with that lineup, so they have lot to play for. The Mets want to prove they still have it in them to contend in the NL East, not to mention being a World Series contender after missing the playoffs the last two seasons.

From watching the six games against each other, both teams showed warts when it comes to their pitching. But there is not a strong team in the division, so both teams should be good enough to contend.

Look for a fun summer. The six games indicates that between the white lines. Look for more offense. Harper won’t keep striking out against the Mets like he has had 11  times already in six games.

It will be an upset if there is not a brawl when both teams meet in June. The Mets won’t forget about what Hoskins did, and the Phillies will see to it that it will happen since they have no intention of cutting it out.

Get your popcorn ready, New York and Philadelphia.

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