Look for Reid to get more titles with Mahomes

Anything is possible for Andy Reid with Patrick Mahomes establishing himself as a championship quarterback.

While Chiefs head coach Andy Reid celebrated the pinnacle of his career by hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy and being a Super Bowl champion in an interview on Sunday night, he mentioned wanting to win another one after getting his first championship.

Talk about being greedy. Talk about asking for seconds. Talk about beggars being choosers.

Reid can afford to say that and ask for more. He can win as many championships as he can with the Chiefs because he has the quarterback that can get it done in Patrick Mahomes. No wonder why he and the Chiefs are talking dynasty.

Sooner or later, Reid would exorcise his playoff demons because of Mahomes. Great quarterback can overcome mediocre coaching, horrible postseason record or awful clock management. Look, no one is saying Reid is an awful coach. He has always been a good coach despite his flaws, but a great quarterback can make a good coach into a great one, and Reid has that in his disposal.


If the Chiefs could not participate in this year’s Super Bowl, it would be fair to wonder if Reid would ever get there with Mahomes. With his quarterback playing at a MVP level and with such greatness, there was no excuse for him to not have the Chiefs there, especially with the Patriots being out in the playoffs.

Now that he solved the riddle, it’s about how much more can Reid win with Mahomes? Can he get to six like Bill Belichick? His story becomes more interesting just like his quarterback. They go hand-in-hand when it comes to success.

Reid is 61 years old, so he still has good years in him to coach. He knows that, too hence why he understands the opportunity of winning more than one championship. He gets that opportunity with Mahomes.

Mahomes’ presence burns Big Red’s desire to get it. It remains to be seen if he can get six, but three or four championships shouldn’t be out of the question.

No question Mahomes is that good to get more than one ring. Forget his touchdown numbers. Ignore his highlight reel for a second. It’s his toughness that stands out more than anything. He took so many hits from the San Francisco 49ers defensive line in Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, and he kept playing and orchestrating two touchdown drives in the fourth quarter to give the Chiefs their first Super Bowl championship in 50 years. He not only just completed one playoff comeback, but he performed two more this postseason in rallying the Chiefs from a 24-0 comeback deficit against the Houston Texans in the divisional playoffs for a 51-31 victory and a 17-10 hole against the Tennessee Titans in the AFC championship game.

Mahomes may be as close to Tom Brady as it gets. He is so accurate in throwing, and he can improvise a play when he has no room to throw right away. He does things no one can teach.

Yes, Reid harnessed Mahomes’ talent so well, but a head coach can only do so much. The head coach can’t play quarterback for him. Either the quarterback knows what to do on his own when the situation calls him on it or he does. Either he has it or he doesn’t.

Mahomes not only has the talent to be a great quarterback, but he understands the responsibility that comes with being one. He gets it. Coaches can only envy Reid for having a quarterback like that in a league that searches for quarterback like that.

Of course, it won’t be easy. It’s hard for teams to repeat yearly. The Patriots won’t go away as long as Bill Belichick is around. The Ravens are building a good team themselves. The NFC features loaded teams such as the Seattle Seahawks and 49ers.

But Mahomes gives the Chiefs a chance. That’s all Reid can ask for.

Mahomes rejuvenates Reid. One can tell by his press conferences during the postseason, and when he celebrated with the players after the Super Bowl win. It’s a contrast to Reid’s final days in Philadelphia when he was worn out and burned out.

Reid enters a perfect situation, and he knows it. It’s why he mentioned why he seeks to win more than one championship ring. Repeating will be part of the team’s vocabulary when training camp starts. In a few years, dynasty becomes a possibility.

It will be an upset if he does not get more than one championship with his future Hall of Fame quarterback.

The question is this: How many can he win?

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