Jets have no choice but to fire Gase

Adam Gase has showed he shouldn't be coaching the Jets next season.

No one could have been surprised the Baltimore Ravens blew the Jets out 42-21 on Thursday night at M&T Bank Stadium in front of the national audience.

The Ravens boast superior talent on defense and offense along with excellent coaching. Only thing the Jets can boast is second-year quarterback Sam Darnold, and that’s it. The Ravens envision being Super Bowl champions this season while the Jets prepare to watch the Ravens and other playoff-bound teams on television next month.

All of that came to display. Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson dissected the Jets defense well whether it was throwing the football or running the football. The Ravens defense frustrated Darnold the entire night. The Ravens coaching staff outcoached and outsmarted the Jets coaching staff by the way their respective teams played.

It was just another night in the office for the respective teams. The Ravens (12-2) and Jets (5-9) have their respective records for a reason.


Only thing that could have been taken out of this game is this: What direction the Jets are going?

Yes, they are 5-9 and Jamal Adams and C.J. Mosley did not play last night, but even if those two played, it would have been the same result since the Jets stunk with Adams for most of the season. This franchise seems to be going nowhere fast. What makes anyone think they will be better next year? Outside of Darnold and Adams, what game-changing talent the Jets have that will have them be good next season?

The Jets will likely be coached by Gase next season. He showed no one that he can coach an NFL team from watching him this season. The offense turned out to be unwatchable. The defense couldn’t stop a nosebleed. They committed stupid penalities such as encorachment, false start and aggressiveness. This team settles for field goals rather than score in the end zone. They often appear unprepared for games. There is so much disorganization that takes place by them in games.

It would be another waste of a season next season if Jets CEO Chris Johnson retains Gase. The Jets’ best hope was to be so bad the rest of the way that he has no choice. With the team winning four of five prior to Thursday night, he brought himself some time. The Jets would be in a bad position to hire another head coach while paying Gase, former Jets head coach Todd Bowles and former Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan to be fired.

Here’s the problem with retaining Gase: What reason or incentive the Jets players have to play for him next season when he could be a lame-duck? Why should Jets fans be excited about next season with a coach they don’t even want to be there? The Jets could be losing so many season-ticket holders, and they struggled to draw this season.

It’s a hard sell to bring him back when the Jets missed the playoffs for the ninth straight season and have four straight losing seasons. Fans know enough to understand the Jets are not making any progress.

The Jets have to determine whether or not Gase can be the coach that takes them to where they want to be. Either they think he is great or not. They can’t be retaining him with the hope that he can figure it out. It’s one or another.

Gase showed he can’t be a head coach. He is not a leader of men. He can’t have his team play competitive or put on a dignified effort each game. The players don’t respect him enough to play hard. He offers more reasons to be fired than being retained.

It’s a decision that has to be made with conviction or else the Jets are going nowhere fast.

Eventually, Darnold is going to be a free agent. If the Jets don’t get better under him, why would he want to stay? Why would he want to waste his talent and time with this team? That’s why the Jets need to make a decision on Gase now rather than wait and hope for the best.

This season turned out to be rough to watch. Nothing positive came out of this season. It’s not a good thing when Bowles-coached teams are more entertaining than a Gase-coached team.

Don’t expect next season to be any better.

The Jets have no choice but to fire Gase.

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