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Giants should woo Brady

New Giants head coach Joe Judge pulled an amateur act that resembles a high school coach by not mentioning names of his players to the media since he got the job. He expressed no endorsement to Daniel Jones as his starting quarterback, never mind the Giants lack options at that position.

Maybe he knows something we don’t.

It could be he has another quarterback in mind. The one that he worked with before taking the Giants head coaching job. Yes, I am going there. It could just be he may be interested in having Tom Brady as his quarterback. He likely knows the situation with Brady and the Patriots, which a divorce could happen.

As we all know, Tom Brady is going to be a free agent. He can talk to any team vying for his service. He has never been a free agent before, and the wooing and dining are too much for him to pass up, especially being that he is 42 years old. He knows there will be a sucker wanting his service.

The question is this: Which team gets him?

The Giants should be those teams that seek his service. Don’t give me about Daniel Jones when he accomplished nothing in the NFL so far. Not with his 12 interceptions and 18 fumbles. Not when the Giants won only four games with him as their quarterback. They can do better than Jones.

Jones failed to show he can be a quarterback to build around. If a quarterback fumbles too often, odds are it’s going to be a problem forever. There’s no way any coach can fix that or if any quarterback can fix it on his own. He has done more losing at quarterback.

Giants general manager Dave Gettleman and Judge know they don’t have job security, especially Judge. The Giants mandated them to start winning and move the team in an upward direction. They would be foolish to have their legacy hinge on what Jones does.

Gettleman probably wouldn’t care since he has a big ego, and he wants to stick it to his critics, so he desperately wants Jones to do well. Judge has zero vested interest in Jones since he never had anything to do with drafting him, and his job security could be an issue fast.

Brady can make everyone’s job easy. He knows how to win. He still has it. Last year may not have been his best, but he did not have playmakers on offense and the offensive line left so much to be desired. One bad year should not scare any team off.

Put it this way. Brady would have done well with the Giants this past season if he played for them. That’s how good he still is. The Giants have enough playmakers that he could do well.

Getting the future Hall of Fame quarterback creates more buzz to the team than a first-year head coach and a young quarterback. As of now, there’s nothing to watch about the Giants. They are a bad team that doesn’t strike fear to anyone. The Cowboys and Eagles look at the Giants as just a team that is just there.

Jones does nothing for the Giants. Not this year. Don’t talk about the Giants must grow their quarterback. Says who? Also, patience tends to be overrated in sports. Sports is about winning now, not six years from now.

The Giants failed to win a playoff game since they last won the Super Bowl, and they missed the playoffs seven out of their last eight seasons. At some point, the urgency of winning should be a priority. Fans shouldn’t have the patience to wait forever, especially when they are paying good money for PSL seats.

Brady checks all the boxes. Winning, interest, integrity, culture-changer and so much more. They would be foolish to not vie for his services. They would do their fans and their players a disservice by not signing a quarterback that could help them not just win, but another Super Bowl.

The Giants would be a team to reckon with in the NFL just by signing him. It would mean the Eagles and Cowboys have to take them seriously. They transform into a Super Bowl contender just by signing him.

This franchise settled for being decent in recent years rather than contending for titles. It’s past time to do something about it. Signing Brady changes the perception and complexion of what the Giants are doing.

Getting Brady would be better than what we have now. It beats irrelevance, losing, incompetence and so much more.

It serves a great purpose for the Giants to get the greatest quarterback of all time.

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