Don’t get excited about Giants just yet

Just because the Giants beat two wretched teams in their own division does not mean the Giants are back, especially since they are 3-7 and no team in the division boast a winning record.

The Giants and their fans celebrated a meaningful victory for the first time since the Super Bowl eight years ago that makes it seem like twenty years ago these days.

The Giants finally beat the Philadelphia Eagles 27-17 on Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium. This ended the Giants’ eight-game losing streak to them. No Giants fan can hear about the Eagles winning 12 of 13 and 21 of 25 against their team anymore. One would think the Giants won the Super Bowl with the way the Giants and their fans reacted. It was quite amusing.

This should signify progress that the Giants are under first-year head coach Joe Judge. He gets his signature win as a head coach, and they won two in a row by not blowing a double-digit lead for the second straight week.

The Giants and their fans enjoyed the day, and they should after beating a horrible Eagles team. But they shouldn’t be overjoyed because, at the end of the day, the Giants are 3-7. Sure they are in the belly of the NFC East race by being one game behind the wretched Eagles for first place, but that says nothing since all the teams stink in that division. It’s more of an indictment on the Eagles and Dallas Cowboys than how good the Giants really are.


Your New York Football Giants can somehow win the division. This pipe dream could turn into reality each passing week. Dak Prescott’s injury doomed the Dallas Cowboys. No matter who they hire, who plays quarterback, or what they want to call themselves, the Washington Football Team stinks.

Watching the Eagles and looking at their schedule, they may not win any more games this year because Carson Wentz stinks as a quarterback and the offensive line plays like a sieve. I mean what playmakers the Eagles have from watching this wretched of a game.

The Giants and their fans don’t want to hear it. Understandably so since they have not seen their team in the playoffs since 2016. Since then, the Giants have been 15-44. They focus more on the process, which is fine. But to be proud of a team that can win the division with a losing record is absurd.

Giants fans mention the Giants should not apologize if their team is in first with a losing record in a few weeks. No one is saying that. I am suggesting to them and sportswriters such as Mike Vaccaro and Art Stapleton to slow their roll and not make a big deal about the Giants. Let it all play out. If the Giants win the division at 8-8 or 9-7, then celebrate considering this team recovered from a 1-7 start.

Until then, Giants fans shouldn’t be mocking any NFC East team or talking nonsense. I don’t need to hear how great Joe Judge is or how the Giants are moving in the right direction despite beating two awful teams in the division. Win six in a row, and then anyone can throw bouquets at Judge’s direction and talk about Super Bowl hopes.

Let’s raise our standards here. No one should be celebrating a team at 3-7 because that team is in the division race. It makes our sports town weak by doing that. New York of all towns should be above this type of behavior.

The Giants did nothing to win this game. Yes, Daniel Jones did not make that turnover that hurt the team. Yes, the Giants played a good game defensively. Yes, the Giants played like the well-coached team. But I look at this more as how bad the Eagles played.

Wentz played horribly the entire game. He failed to generate much offense that would keep his team on the field. It was surprising Eagles head coach Doug Pederson did not make a quarterback change to wake his team up. If the timing made sense, it was at halftime when the Eagles trailed the Giants 14-3.

Pederson did not want a quarterback controversy, especially if Jalen Hurts led the Eagles to a victory, so he hoped for the best in the struggling Wentz. It never happened. It cost the team the game.

The Giants defensive line manhandled the Eagles offensive line, which correlated to Wentz’s struggles.

The Eagles defense allowed big plays by letting running back Wayne Gallman run past them.

If the Giants played a competent team, they would likely not have won a game like this.

The Giants’ three wins come from against the Washington Football Team (twice) and Eagles. This does not scream elite or excellence. They did not play Murderers’ Row for anyone to get excited. They won three games well because someone had to win.

If the Giants win the NFC East, it’s a bad look for the division and the teams that play with it. They are not a playoff team. They have a losing record for a reason. It would be a joke if they win the division since they would have home-field advantage on wild-card weekend that would increase their chances of going to the second round. It would be a tragedy the nation would miss out on a team like the Minnesota Vikings since there has to be a representation of the NFC East.

If the Giants win the division, would it be too much to ask for them to win with a winning record?

How about winning six in a row?

If they can do that, then one can say the Giants are legit and back.

Until then, the Giants, their media cheerleaders, and their fans should pipe down.

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