College football has been waste of time

I had no interest in watching college football this season after the way the NCAA and Ohio State mishandled the situation when it came to a domestic violence incident with the Ohio State assistant football coach.

The NCAA and Ohio State looked the other way when disgraced Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer tried to cover up then-assistant coach Zach Smith’s domestic violence incident with his wife. Meyer basically had no interest in suspending or firing his coach, and he was hoping no one would find out even though he knew.

Until Stadium Network’s Brett McMurphy uncovered multiple domestic violence allegations concerning Smith, Meyer had no choice but to react by firing Smith in an attempt to cover himself from his bosses and the NCAA.

This would have been grounds for firing and a year-long suspension for Meyer, but the NCAA and Ohio State decided to let Meyer get away with it. Meyer was not fired by the university because he was winning games and making the university money, and the NCAA gave him a three-game suspension as a light punishment, knowing that he makes the league money, too.


If there is justice in all this, it is Ohio State will not be playing in the College Football Playoff semifinals and Meyer will be retiring after the Rose Bowl.

It does not make it any better because there are so many incidents with players and coaches where everything is looked the other way. There’s no accountability or consequences when star players and great coaches get involved in incidents. It’s prevalent in college football, and it will continue to happen until the end of time. Basically, it’s hush money or finding a fall guy to take the hit for the main perpetrators.

College football is so corrupt that it’s not even about the pageantry anymore. It’s so mercenary and money-making that the love of the game has died. Players look out for themselves, and so do the college. It’s not about the university or the uniform anymore.

Who needs it?

Sadly, I am one of the few. College football will do well without me. There are always going to be suckers going to sports bars or stadiums to watch college football every Saturdays in the fall. It will always be popular in the South since it’s a religion over there. For some, this is more of an exciting product than the NFL.

I did not miss watching college football this season. Not one minute of it, and I was okay with it. I can go to sleep at night knowing that I am not enabling stupidity and corruption that is going on with college football. There are other sports to watch, so I was doing fine.

Besides, there were not many great teams out there in the country this year. It’s Alabama and everyone else. What does it say that Notre Dame is in the playoffs? This college football playoffs is nothing more than an Alabama Invitational, which the team has the right to go lose to Alabama since they are not good enough to beat them. Who wants that?

The college football bowl games, especially the Fiesta Bowl, Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl are now meaningless because of the college football playoffs. No one cares about those games. Only thing that matters really is who is going to play in the championship game and who will win it.

College football wants no cinderellas such as UCF. It only wants the big names in the programs since it would provide ratings, revenue and big attendance. ESPN wants this, too, and you can bet the network had a say in making sure UCF was not going to go for the ride.

College football is all politics, nonsense and such. It has lost its way. It’s been a waste of time.

There are no easy solutions, either.

Fans have given up trying. They will accept the status quo of what’s going on. To them, it’s just games, not real life. Look, it’s their right. That’s what makes America great. We can exercise our right to enjoy what we want. I exercised mine, and fans exercised theirs.

College football won’t lose sleep over my decision and won’t feel sorry for its actions.

Maybe one day many fans will finally get fed up with college football and maybe then we will get changes that we deserve.

Don’t count on it, though.



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