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Bad Jets team should spark housecleaning

This isn’t just Same Old Jets. This is a bad football team all around.

After the Jets embarrassed themselves in their Sunday’s 13-6 loss to the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium, they made a case to clean house altogether when this forgettable season is over. It means Jets head coach Todd Bowles and Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan should not be back next season. They have not earned the right to move forward in the Sam Darnold era.

Watching the game was a waste of my time, your time and everyone’s time. The Jets were awful offensively to the point it’s a criminal offense for fielding this type of product in the NFL. They had nothing going the entire game.

It took until the fourth quarter for the Jets to execute a third down conversion, and overall, they went 2 of 13 on third down. They were no close to the red zone in this game. On their first eight drives, they started the game with five three-and-outs. It’s no wonder they did not score an offensive touchdown. In fact, they have scored only one touchdown in their last eight quarters. Their six points came from couple of Jason Myers’ field goals.


It was easy to tell by the third quarter that the Jets were not going to win this game. It was a carbon copy of another awful offensive performance from last week against the Chicago Bears. It’s sad since this was a winnable game because Dolphins quarterback Brock Osweiler was inept offensively.

There was no creativity on offense. It was the same thing of running a shotgun offense over and over and over. It was predictable to the point the Dolphins defense knew what the Jets were doing.

And yes, the rookie Jets quarterback is getting worse each game. He is overthrowing the ball, and he threw obvious interceptions like he did in his third and fourth interception in the fourth quarter.

This is an indictment on Maccagnan for not giving the playmakers and the offensive line that would put Darnold in a position to succeed. This also does not reflect well on Bowles since he is the head coach and he oversees everything that is going on with the team.

Jets CEO Chris Johnson had to do something this offseason. He is going to have no choice but to fire Bowles and Maccagnan and start anew again. It would be hard sell to keep the Jets head coach and Jets general manager after three straight losing seasons and four non-playoff seasons. The Jets are showing they are not going in the right direction under this administration.

It’s going to be obvious Bowles will be gone after another losing season. It’s going to be five years as Jets head coach, and he has showed he is not the right coach to lead the Darnold era.

Not when the team constantly gets outcoached, outplayed and outworked every week. Not when his team commits stupid penalties and makes stupid mistakes such as Jermaine Kearse going out of bounds inexplicably after he caught a pass from Darnold. Not when the Jets don’t know what they are doing on Sundays. Not when his game management skills continue to be questionable like wasting timeouts on a coach’s challenge or wondering whether or not to go for it at fourth down. Not when he does not have the gut feel to take the struggling Spencer Long out despite not throwing the ball to Darnold properly.

Bowles hasn’t showed anyone that he is the right guy for the job. After five years, what the Jets see is what they get out of him. He can’t be learning on the job forever.

The Jets needed to win this game and beat the Buffalo Bills at home to go 5-5 heading to the bye week. That would have made a case that Bowles is doing something right. Instead, there is a good chance the Jets will lose to the wretched Bills. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising the Jets don’t win anymore games this year. What have the Jets showed that they can get it done? A great coach finds a way to get the team to play overachieve, and right now, Bowles can’t seem to do that.

The awful offensive display is a reflection on the lack of playmakers the Jets have, and that’s on Maccagnan for being the architect of this roster. He hasn’t found guys who can be game-changers on offense since he was the general manager. He hasn’t drafted well, and he hasn’t found diamonds in the rough outside of Robby Anderson.

Maccagnan has been talking about having money to spend on free agents to supplement the roster, but that can only take a team that far. Successful NFL teams are based on drafting and developing players, and the Jets have failed on both counts under his management. Why should the Jets think he will get it right when he hasn’t gotten it right in four years? This roster shouldn’t be this bad in a general manager’s fourth season.

To his credit, he did get it right in drafting Leonard Williams, Darron Lee, Jordan Jenkins and Jamal Adams, but he has had too many misses in the late rounds. That’s not good since successful teams are always built based on later rounds, and that’s where he fails to make the grade. The Jets need a general manager and his staff to know how to get it done there.

Right now, neither is cut out for the job. This franchise shouldn’t be getting worse under the fourth year of this administration.

The Jets destroyed Mark Sanchez’s development by giving him a head coach who was not made for the job in Rex Ryan and a general manager who never gave him the offensive players in Mike Tannenbaum.

It would behoove this organization if they make the same mistake with Darnold.

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