Yankees Two Month Season Update By The Numbers

If you asked any reasonable New York Yankees fan before the 2017 season what their expectations were for this team, they probably would’ve just said “I just want them to compete and I want the young kids to develop,” or “it’s a rebuilding year and I’m not expecting much.” The season is still young but Yankees fans have been pleasantly surprised with the teams effort and early success.

One thing about this particular Yankees team that can’t be broken down by sabermetrics or advanced stats is the good ol’ eye test. They are certainly fun to watch.

So as we approach June, let’s look at where the Yankees numbers stand among baseball’s best thus far.

50: The Yankees just wrapped up their 50th game of the season against the Baltimore Orioles and as of May 31st, they are 30-20.

2: Games ahead of the Boston Red Sox for first place in the AL East.

6: Teams in MLB with 30 wins by June 1st, Yankees, Houston Astros (38), Washington Nationals (33), Colorado Rockies (33), Los Angeles Dodgers (33) and Arizona Diamondbacks (33).

76: Home runs hit by the Bronx Bombers (Tied for second in MLB).

17: MLB leading home run total by rookie RF Aaron Judge.

11: Brett Gardner’s home run’s in just 45 games. Had seven home runs in all of 2016.

62: Positive run differential. Only three teams have a better run differential than the Yankees, Nationals (+66), Astros (+79) and Dodgers (+87).

5.39: Average runs scored per game.

.265: Overall team batting average. Only three teams in MLB have a better cumulative BA than the Yankees, Rockies (.266), Astros (.273) and Nationals (.275).

66: Starlin Castro’s hit total, fourth most in MLB.

.794: Third highest OPS in all of MLB, Astros (.797) and Nationals (.814) are the only teams with a higher team OPS than the Yankees.

3.69: Team ERA. Only three times have a lower team ERA than the Yankees, Diamondbacks (3.62), Astros (3.45) and Dodgers (3.22).

2.93: Luis Severino’s ERA, best of all pitchers playing in New York.

Image result for luis severino

1.21: Third best WHIP in baseball. Yankees only trail the Astros (1.19) and the Dodgers (1.16) in that category.

9.43: K/9, fourth behind the Dodgers (9.44), Red Sox (9.74), Astros (9.80) and Cleveland Indians (10.05).

92: Games the Yankees are on pace to win.

So there you have it, sixteen stats you needed to know. Sixteen stats that back up the Yankees early season success. Judge and Castro have been the young players that has shown the most improvement, but if Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird, Tyler Austin and perhaps a Gleyber Torres can start to make that kind of impact, the Yankees can be legit contenders.

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