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Who will the Cleveland Browns take in the First round of the NFL Draft?



So, with the draft coming up in the next few hours, everyone wants to know who will the Browns take in the first round. It’s a well-known fact that the Browns have the number one overall pick as well as the number 12 overall pick they got in a trade from the Eagles in last year’s draft. The Eagles used that pick to draft Carson Wentz, who was a surprisingly good quarterback last year.

So, now the question is will they follow the Eagles mindset and draft a quarterback number one or possibly number 12. Up until about the beginning of April, the consensus was that they would take stud athlete Myles Garrett from Texas A&M, but then a report from Adam Schefter came out that they were strongly considering drafting a quarterback number one. That means that they are either really high on Deshaun Watson or Mitchel Tribinsky. However, it could also mean that they are just spreading rumors in order to get a team who really wants one of those players to trade with them to take that player.

It’s no question that the Browns could use a quarterback seeing as though they have not really ever had a good quarterback in their system for what seems like forever, but the issue is that neither of those quarterbacks is really seen as that great of an option. Mitchel Tribinsky has only started one year in college and has only taken TWO snaps from under center in his college career, which shows that he would need a year at least to develop the needed skills to even be a quarterback in the NFL. Then we have Deshaun Watson, who has been to college footballs biggest stage two years in a row but struggled mightily during the regular season. Watson threw way too many interceptions during the regular season and frankly just didn’t look good. in fact, most draft experts had him as a second-round grade in this draft till Clemson’s postseason run. In essence, neither quarterback seems like a viable option for a team that could really use a good quarterback. Meanwhile, Myles Garrett has shown that he could be a star player for the Browns, as seen by his amazing combine stats he put up. Garrett finished in first in just about every category that the defensive linemen in this years draft were tested on. If the Browns wanted to make the smart pick they would draft Garrett number one.

Then you can make the argument that if one of those guys is still available at 12  then maybe they can draft that quarterback there. if their grade on that quarterback then the answer is yes. However, this year’s draft is loaded on defense and the Browns defense was not very good at all last year. The Browns allowed 28.3 points per game, which ranked 30th in the league. That proves that the Browns could use all the help they need on defense. So, the Browns should draft another defensive player at number 12 to bolster their lackluster defense, no matter which quarterback is left on the board.