What’s next for Stony Brook’s Jameel Warney?

For most UAlbany basketball fans, when they hear the name Jameel Warney, they think about the extravagant efforts he has put up against the Great Danes in former years as a member of the Stony Brook basketball team, and rightfully so. Warney averaged 14.5 ppg and 9.7 rpg in his career against UAlbany, which included 11 games (including postseason).

I asked Jameel what is was like playing against UAlbany and how he has developed a great relationship with former UAlbany guard Peter Hooley, even after Hooley hit the “shot heard around the world” to end Jameel’s NCAA Tournament hopes.

Despite Hooley ruining his hopes in Warney’s junior year, he was able to reach the NCAA Tournament in his senior season after a 43 point outburstĀ in the America East Tournament. I asked Warney what that game was like, and how he pulled off that ridiculous performance.

Lastly, since it’s that time of year, I asked Warney who he would like to see win the NBA playoffs, and where he would see himself fitting in best in the NBA, as well as how the NBA workouts have been going and

Warney, being Stony Brook’s all time leading scorer, will certainly go down in history as one of the best Sea Wolves to ever touch the hardwood. He also put himself on a list with many all time greats, including Tim Duncan and Patrick Ewing, to score over 2,000 points and record over 1,000 rebounds as a college player.

To find out all of Jameel’s answers and much more, listen to my conversation with him HERE:

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