UFC Broadcasting shakeup sends Goldberg out and Jim Rome in

After 20 years of mispronouncing fights, fighters, and promotions Mike Goldberg will call his final UFC event on Friday, league President Dana White confirmed late this afternoon.

Goldberg, 52, came to the UFC in 1997, a time when it and MMA as a whole were struggling to find legitimacy as a “sport.” He previously covered the NBA and NHL.

In 2014 Goldberg tried his hand at calling NFL games, but much like his call of fights, his performance in the national football league was that of an uneducated 12-year-old with a microphone.  He often mispronounced names and did not seem to understand the game of football whatsoever.

Quite honestly Goldberg should be rejoicing that he’s had a job for as long as he’s had. If he were an engineer and performed the same way he does on TV, he’d probably be in jail or millions of dollars in debts from wrongful death lawsuits, if not both.

Of all people, CBS Sports radio personality Jim Rome is rumored to take Goldberg’s place outside the Octagon, something suggested by Chael Sonnen earlier this month.

So long Mike.

-Dylan Rossiter(@ByDylanRossiter)

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