Trouble in Paradise: Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson part ways

@Dylan Rossiter

In a middle of the night Twee, Knicks president of basketball operations Phil Jackson announced that he and Lakers president Jeanie Buss were parting ways after 13 years, and in the process breaking off their 2012 engagement.

The head shaker isn’t so much that the two will no longer be riding busses together (pun intended), but the means in which it came out. You’ll notice that the message typed out in the notes app was done on an iPad and was screenshotted at 6:57 a.m. yet the tweet didn’t go out until 10:51 p.m. last night. Also, the breakup comes four years to the day that Phil got down on one knee and made the faithful jump.

The breakup was definitely a mutual decision tho, as Buss took to Twitter minutes later with a similar line of Tweets.

With his lady troubles behind him maybe Phil can focus on actually getting the Knicks to the playoffs and who knows maybe even a championship.

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