This year’s Super Bowl makes New Yorkers squirm

Overhearing couple of teachers talking to each other about the Super Bowl last week at a high school basketball game between the Montclair Mounties and North Bergen Bruins at North Bergen High School, both of them told each other that they are not going to watch the big game Sunday. One is a Giants fan, and another is a Jets fan.

It’s understandable why there would be no rooting interest from a perspective of a Giants fan and a Jets fan. There’s nothing to enjoy about the winner of this year’s Super Bowl that features the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots.

The Eagles are not well-liked by Giants fans, and the Patriots are not well-liked by Jets fans. There are some Giants and Jets fans that hate both teams because of the fanbases of both teams. Eagles fans are obnoxious and vile, and Patriots fans are entitled. To see one fanbase get rewarded will be tough to watch. It’s not fair.

The shame of all this is both teams are likeable. The Eagles overachieved to get to the Super Bowl with Nick Foles at quarterback after Carson Wentz was out for the season. They were remade by Eagles general manager Howie Roseman and Eagles coach Doug Pederson after former Eagles coach Chip Kelly wrecked that team by dumping star players such as LeSean McCoy, Foles and Jeremy Maclin (the Eagles let him leave as a free agent) when he had power. Plus, who doesn’t like Pederson as a person and a coach? The Patriots are a team to admire for their greatness since 2001 with Bill Belichick being the best coach of all time and Tom Brady being the best quarterback of all time.

Most people in the country are rooting for the Eagles since they are tired of watching the Patriots win. Fans are not into greatness unless it’s their own team. But rooting for the Eagles here would be a nightmare since they are the Giants’ hated rival. Plus if Eagles fans are obnoxious now, wait until they see their team win a championship. It’s going to get worse, and going to a Giants game is scary when the Eagles come to town since Eagles fans instigate fights at the parking lot and at the games.

It’s fair to label Eagles fans as bad people. There are always incidents with them whether it’s at Eagles home games or when the Eagles are on the road. Just google up behavior of Eagles fans, and the answer can be found on how bad they are. Shoot, there used to be a stadium jail at the old Veterans Stadium for Eagles fans that act out of line.

That should be enough for anyone to root for the Patriots. Sorry, but an obnoxious fanbase should not be rewarded for a championship. Good things should never happen to bad people. Talking to Eagles fans is like talking to a five-year-old kid. It’s hard to reason with them let alone have a great conversation with them.

But the other side is not a great option. The Patriots fans make it hard to root for their team. Their fanbase is insufferable all around. They are so arrogant and out-of-touch. They act like your high school honor student where they don’t want to be bothered with people that root for teams that don’t win championships. That fanbase is more of a clique. No one can deal with them.

Boston fans sure love to talk suffering, which is amusing since their teams have won many championships over the last decade. The Boston Red Sox won three World Series championships, the Patriots won five Super Bowls, the Boston Celtics won a NBA championship and even the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup. They saw enough championships to last a lifetime, and these folks are crying about not winning a championship every year. This is not even about them being spoiled and greedy. This is about them being entitled.

At one time, it was easy to feel bad for Boston sports fans because of their loyalty and passion. It was a good feeling to see the Patriots and Red Sox win their first championship in my lifetime. Now, Boston sports fans are so spoiled and arrogant. The last thing America needs is to watch them celebrate another Duck boat parade.

Seeing those two teams vie for the championship makes New York sports more depressing. Sure, the Yankees overachieved last year to play in the American League Championship Series, but they blew a 3-1 series lead against the Houston Astros in that series. Sure, the Mets made the World Series several years ago, but they lost to the Kansas City Royals in five games, and their window of opportunity may have likely been over. The Giants fired their head coach and general manager this year, and the Jets had another uninspiring season. The Knicks and Nets stink. The Rangers, Islanders and Devils are nowhere close to being Stanley Cup contenders. The college teams here don’t do much.

To see the Patriots or Eagles celebrate a championship would make a New Yorker sad. It’s no wonder why no one in town cares about the Super Bowl.

No one can blame a New Yorker like myself for not watching the Super Bowl this year.

It would be too much to bear.

Leslie Monteiro

Leslie Monteiro is a syndicated sports columnist who covers Tri-State area teams for the Upstate Courier. He is based in Fort Lee, New Jersey and can be reached on Twitter @MongoGoesInSane.

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