Schalmont Soccer Update

Today was a great day for the varsity girls soccer as they won today at a score of 6-1 against Beekmantown.  That was a very entertaining game.  The girls now go onto to face the Chenago Forks next Saturday.  My prediction is that this girls varsity soccer team will win everything this season.  This team has some of the best coaching in Section two and even in New York.  Unfortunately the boys varsity soccer Good news today’s the first time all season but it was a great game and a very entertaining one.  The boys varsity soccer team lost at a score of 3 to 2.  Cameron LaVallee and Chris Hamilton finished a tremendous season.  Just because they didn’t make it to the next round doesn’t mean that they had a bad year because the boys varsity soccer team probably won’t be the best there was the best and it will be the best for the next 50 years.  The combination of players on this team this year no one will be able to duplicate that coming up.  In my opinion this is the best section 2 soccer team I have ever seen.  I had the privilege to cover this amazing season for these guys they are the highest scoring soccer team in section 2 history.  Even though they did lose today this past season you will look back on is the best, soccer season you will see for a very long time.  Both soccer teams are going to be amazing in the next coming years.  The soccer team will be very young in the next coming years and that helps both sides and I’m not just talking about Schalmont.  Soccer is becoming very popular in Section 2 and especially in New York State.  I think this season overall more people have covered and really cared about it than ever before!  

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