Saints’ Take Franciscan Cup Back Home To Loudonville

While everyone else was last minute Christmas shopping Tuesday, the St.Bonaventure bones and our Siena Saints took the court for one final game before the festivities.  Just like in the previous few meeting for thees Franciscan  schools, it came down to the last minute.  Despite a strong threat for Bona, Siena would give the home crowed of just over 6,500 something to smile about before the gifts started to get unwrapped.

This game fittingly named the Franciscan Cup, is yet another rivalry game the Saints look  to playing every year.  Although things are less as feisty compared to the Albany cup, there’s still definitely some bad blood between the two schools(Student section wise).  Going into this one Siena had taken the previous 2 meetings, yet St.Bonaventure ruled the series for many years before it was rekindled in 2010.

The BIGGEST theme in this game was the turnovers on both ends of the court.  Although Siena put up more turnovers on the stat sheet(Siena 25, SBU 20),   but SBU couldn’t handle Marquis Wright who put up 20 solid point for the Saints.   Wright also destroyed Bona beyond the arc going 4-6, and making a majority of them in clutch moments.

This one came down to the last few seconds and Bona was given plenty of opportunities to slide past Siena, but came up short each time.  Siena would get the ball with seconds remaining and would hold on to win 73-70.

IMG_2042 (1)

In the post game interview, Siena head coach Jimmy Patsos reflected on how much he let his squad run the show,”With 8 minutes to go I sat down”.  Patsos also reflected on how big and exciting this game was for both schools, something echoed by St. Bonaventure head coach Mark Schmidt.

Schmidt appeared to be frustrated in the way his team played mainly in the turnover department.  This is a SBU team that clearly has some things to work, but they are also a team that can become very dangerous very quick in the Atlantic 10.


Next up for Siena is is on the road at Vermont on the 29th.