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Rossiter: Cohoes GOP’s meme mishap shows more than just bad judgment

Cohoes, NY — The City’s Grand Old Party (GOP) made headlines this week when the above meme appeared on its Facebook page.

Full disclosure, I laughed quite hard at the humor used in the meme, but that doesn’t make posting it on a professional page okay. Moreover, it demonstrates the right’s long-standing tradition of disrespecting women.

Did the meme say, “Women are stupid and we don’t respect them?” No, but it didn’t have to. The mere act of posting such an image on what’s supposed to be a professional representation of your party demonstrates that you’re so used to disrespecting women it just comes naturally.

Yeah, yeah, yeah never mind political correctness, I know it’s become a theme of the Republican party of late, but there’s a difference between political correctness and the way we as people should treat each other.

“While our moderators often share GOP-related memes and posts, this one, which I assumed was done under the guise of being comedic, apparently missed the mark,” Cohoes GOP Chairman Chris Davis said in a statement.

Comedy is fine, and in this volatile political environment we need it more than ever, but not at the expense of basic human decency. Be better than this Cohoes.

-Dylan Rossiter(@ByDylanRossiter)

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Dylan Rossiter

Dylan Rossiter is the Upstate Courier's founder and Editor-at-Large. He has covered Siena College men's basketball, the Tri-City ValleyCats, and Section II Athletics. Rossiter is based in Boston, MA and can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @ByDylanRossiter.

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