Post-Gazette considers Patriots the NFL’s “Evil Empire”

Pittsburgh, PA — Ahead of Sunday’s AFC Championship game in Foxboro, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette made headlines of their own for pulling a page from Star Wars and calling the Patriots the NFL’s ‘Evil Empire.’ 

The Block Communications owned publication highlighted the Steelers playoff history with the Pats while staying away from the dirty laundry that could easily classify the boys from New England as “evil.” Take for example what happened the last time we saw the Pats host a championship game, cough cough ‘deflate-gate,’ which became the laughing stock of the NFL up until this past October. 

Let’s just hope the NFL pays extra close attention to the firmness of Tom Brady’s balls when the game kicks off at 6:40 p.m. on CBS. 

-Dylan Rossiter(@ByDylanRossiter) 

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  1. Yea don’t forget that the Steelers got caught with illegally deflated football’s too. The NFL and the integrity-driven sports reporters swept it under the rug. I guess that when it is not the Patriots it is okay to cheat. This is obvious because nobody wanted to find who deflated them. No million dollar investigation. Is that because it is the Rooney family? Who gets the asterisk now?

    1. Keep in mind that the Steelers didn’t win a championship off of that incident and their coach doesn’t have a history of cheating.


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