NFL Week 3 Hierarchy

Week three of the NFL season has concluded and it was much better to watch than the first two weeks of play. Teams are now figuring themselves out and teams are closely approaching who are for real and looking to continue their strong run throughout the remainder of the season.

Here are the top ten teams after the conclusion of week three.

10. Philadelphia Eagles (2-1)

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The Philadelphia Eagles sneak into this week’s hierarchy after a close win over the New York Giants. Carson Wentz has shown that he has improved his skill from a year ago and now looks and throws the ball down field. Their defense is threatening and pressures on close to every single play. This team will have a lot of close games this year but will have the ability to win those close contested games.

9. Denver Broncos (2-1)

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This week shows how crazy the NFL is week to week. Last week the Broncos thumped the Cowboys at home but then this week the Broncos lose to the lowly Buffalo Bills on the road. This Broncos team is definitely a top five defense but their offense will slow them down especially when they play better defenses in Kansas City (twice), New York Giants and New England in the coming weeks.

8. Tennessee Titans (2-1)

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The Titans looked great and Marcus Mariota is looking to become of the league’s best quarterbacks. He might show off with tons of yards (more like an Alex Smith type) but he can hurt every team with his legs and he surely gave the Seahawks trouble all game long. His option plays allowed the offense to run the ball with ease (Demarco Murray 115 yards on 14 carries and 1 touchdown) and then use the play action to find his receivers down the field. The Tennessee Titans keep improving every week and surely will be a threat in the AFC come playoff time.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1)

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The Steelers just did not show up this weekend. They was no reason for them to lose to this Bears team with not much offense outside of running back Jordan Howard and a defense which is mediocre. Ben Roethlisberger looked slow and could not take control especially with the multiple weapons that surround him. Le’Veon Bell does not look like he should be the league’s highest paid running back with only rushing for 61 yards on 15 attempts and their defense just could not stop the Bears offense for some reason. Even with the loss they  are still the favorite to win the AFC North with Baltimore getting blown out, Cincinnati losing to the Packer and the Browns dropping to 0-3.

6. Oakland Raiders (2-1)

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Oakland was completely embarrassed this weekend in the nation’s capital. The Redskins exploited the Raider’s defense which has had its critics since week one. Also, the Redskins defense was able to shut down Derek Carr and his multiple weapons all game long and keep constant pressure on him to make him uncomfortable. The Raiders are in good shape however as they look to bounce back against the Broncos next week.

5. Green Bay Packers (2-1)

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Green Bay is a shaky team. Their offensive line is banged up and they are still trying to figure out the best options to protect Aaron Rodgers. However, with Aaron Rodgers as your quarterback this Packers team has a chance every week to win. The Packers did not play well but were able to bounce back from an early deficit and seal the win in overtime to now pull even with the Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC North. The Packers are the better team out of that bunch and will be able to pull away from them later in the season.

4. Dallas Cowboys (2-1)

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The Dallas Cowboys showed that this team can be resilient. After getting blown out in Denver in week two the march into Arizona and beat the Cardinals even without playing their best. They found themselves down early but Dak Prescott was able to use his arm and his legs to find ways to score.

3. Atlanta Falcons (3-0)

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They might be 3-0 and that is a lucky 3-0. In reality the Atlanta Falcons should have at least one loss and it should have come from the Lions this past weekend. Matt Ryan threw three interceptions including a pick 6 but were able to hold on because Golden Tate of the Lions could not find a way to get into the end zone from  a couple of yards out. The Falcons sure play a little flat while on the road and it definitely showed in Detroit.

2. New England Patriots (2-1)

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Tom Brady once again did Tom Brady things. He threw for 378 yards on 25-35 passing and 5 touchdowns. It truly feels like Brady is the one keeping this Patriots team together because their defense might turn out to be one of the worst in the league especially giving up 417 total yards and 33 points to the Houston Texans.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (3-0)

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The Kansas City Chiefs are hands down the best all around team in the NFL. The Chiefs handled business once again by defeating the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday. They may not have the best quarterback but Kareem Hunt and the running game is a huge threat and their defense are player lights out.


Henry Golden

Henry Golden covers the UAlbany men's basketball team for the Upstate Courier, as well as other various sporting events in the Capital Region. He currently attends Sage College of Albany. He can be reached through social media, @Golden_Henry05 on Twitter.

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