NBA Playoffs: Semifinals Matchups

Eastern Conference

(1) Celtics vs (4) Wizards

With all the fights between the Celtics and the Wizards this season people are wondering if this series could be the most dramatic series in the postseason so far. In the four games that these two teams have played each other this season, both teams claimed 2 wins splitting the season series.

(2) Cavaliers vs (3) Raptors

As the Cavs swept the Pacers in the first round of the playoffs, the Raptors barely passed through a young Bucks team, winning in 6 games.  In the four times that they played this year the Cavs beat the Raptors three out of the four times they played this year but all by four or less. The one game that the Raptors did win was by fifteen.

Western Conference

(1) Warriors vs (4) Clippers or (5) Jazz

Game 7 for the Clippers, Jazz series is today at 3:30 pm ET on ABC. This game 7 in round one comes after the first game in the eastern conference semifinals (Celtics vs Wizards). As the Warriors swept the Trail Blazzers in the first round, Many are wondering if there could be a third rematch in the finals. This rematch would be the warriors vs the Cavaliers.

(2) Spurs vs (3) Rockets

With the two main MVP Canidates (Harden and Westbrook) facing each other in the first round, Harden plays another MVP Canidate Kawhi Leanord. In the four games that these two teams have played each other the Spurs got the edge winning three of the four. As the Rockets closed out the Thunder in 5 games, it took the Spurs six games to close out the Grizleys.




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