Mohonasen records first shutout in 18 years

On Friday, September 1st, Mohonasen traveled to Bleecker Stadium to face Green Tech. It was not a pretty game but in the end Mohon won a very defensive battle 12-0. The game carried significance for the Warriors as it was their first shutout in 18 years, dating back to 1999.

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Sophomore running back/outside linebacker Paul Archambault was recognized as the player of the game, totaling 78 yards and his first touchdown on the varsity level.

“I’d say it felt good to be a part of a team like ours that can come together and play as a unit to win,” Archambault said.

Senior captain Paul Brown (OL/DL) said, “I feel proud for the team and the coaches, it is a major feat to accomplish. It obviously shocked a lot of people which what as a team we are going for this season.”

The team had many red zone stops and the shut out was on the line with 15 seconds to go and Green Tech on Mohon’s 28-yard line when Junior Cornerback/Free safety Natai Sawyer intercepted the ball at the four-yard line to end the game and preserve the shut out.

“It felt great. The fact that every player on the field tried to prevent them from scoring the fact I could end it was great and the younger players on the team played as well as anyone on the team to help with the win,” Sawyer said of the play.

Mohonasen is a team that could surprise this year and is hoping to make a playoff push behind this defense.


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