Merry Christmas from the Upstate Courier

How are you spending the day? I’ll be heading down to our family farm in Red Hook, NY.

Oh, and how about that snow? Nearly 6 inches on the ground in Schodack and it’s still coming down. There’s nothing quite like a white Christmas, especially after going to sleep to a soggy, wet, muddy and poop colored lawn.

Let’s be honest, outside of community; there are very few perks about living in Upstate, NY. For one, no one passed the Mississippi River or Mason–Dixon line comprehends our existence. Then there are the roads and everyone’s favorite, some of the highest taxes in the country. But at least we end up with a white Christmas more often than not.

Whatever your plans are today, wherever you’re going and whomever you’re going to see, please be safe and have a very Merry Christmas.

P.S. For those of you not celebrating Christmas, have a great Monday.

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