LeGarrette Blount Returning To The Patriots? That’s A Bad Idea

It’s definitely fair to say the Patriots had a good 2015 season. Well, that’s depending on who you ask. Some Patriots fans go by the concept of “Super Bowl or bust,” because they think Tom Brady can do everything. Personally, I judge every season based on if the team improved or not. It’s hard to improve as the defending Super Bowl champion. But i’m not giving my team any free passes. The Patriots didn’t improve, in fact, they set themselves back by completely wiping out their entire secondary. So in my mind, it was not a good season for the Patriots.

The good news is that, besides Brady, young talent is all of a sudden filling up the Patriots roster. It’s clear that they need help in some areas where veteran talent is not present. Offensive line is the first thing that comes to mind. The secondary needs some experience.  A new wide receiver/running back would be nice. Yet for some reason, some odd reason, the Patriots are looking retain running back LeGarrette Blount. Excuse me?! It’s about time we move on. Blount is the only notable free agent for the Patriots this offseason. And with limited cap space plus a spark needed, Blount has to go.

Here’s the thing with Blount… He might be the most inconsistent runner in football. Yes, New England has a bad offensive line. But there are ways to run the football to a decent level with a guy like Blount’s power. Even with that bad of an O-Line. The effort just wasn’t there. It’s strange because Blount didn’t have a terrible stat line in 2015. But he couldn’t produce when the Patriots needed him to.  Even after he would have a good play, a bad one would follow. Third down and short? I can’t tell you how many times he fell forward and got nowhere close to the 1st down. Most of his stats come from very good 1st down runs, eventually leading to a failed third down.  Why should I be satisfied with that? All I want is a consistent runner. He doesn’t have to be great. New England doesn’t need to empty the bank on him. Just find a consistent runner. And believe me, they’re out there.

Matt Forte might be the best running back available for the Patriots. Like I said, i’m not basing this all on stats. It’s obvious that Matt Forte is more of a consistent runner. That’s why he should be on the Patriots target list. Let’s not forget, the Patriots have James White and Dion Lewis ready to go for next season. Even though those two aren’t necessarily good “running backs,” they are good, quick, elusive runners. So they might as well give them a chance, too. The injury factor? Hopefully Lewis can make a strong comeback from his ACL injury. Blount is also coming off a season ending hip injury. Another reason for the Patriots to stay away from giving Blount a brand new contract.

Most Patriot fans are making the case that Blount is a “great” postseason runner, and should be re-signed. Do you remember how “great” he was in the Divisional against the Ravens in 2015? I don’t. Because he wasn’t great. He rushed for 1 total yard. That doesn’t sound “great” to me. He wasn’t “great” in this past seasons playoffs. That’s because of his injury that kept him out, of course. He had two great games in the playoffs. Both home games against the same team, the Colts. Get over it. I know I sound like Tony the Tiger here, but it’s time for “Patriot Nation” to open their eyes. If the Patriots let Blount out the door, I won’t have a problem with it. In fact, I wouldn’t  have to worry about my inconsistent running back getting suspended again for stupidity! What a concept!

If the Patriots want to franchise tag him? Fine. Keep him on the team for one more year. But a big, beefy contract is a step in the wrong direction. They need to save their money as the Brady era nears an end. And if they aren’t going to save their money, at least spend it on talented, reliable players. That’s all I ask.

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