Warriors win Adirondack League Championship

Mason Flatley scores 31 with seven three pointers.

STILLWATER —The Lake George boys basketball team entered Stillwater high school tonight to start off what looks to be a promising postseason. They got off to a great start winning the Adirondack League Championship against Granville 73-52.

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Coach Blake White said, “Around here the expectation and culture of this team is to get to this game and then win it. So you’ve got to show up and have your best game.”

Lake George dominated the ball on both ends of the court through the first quarter. Thanks to great rebounding and defense, the Warriors led 18-10 at the end of the first quarter. Ball security alluded the Warriors in the second quarter. Sloppy ball control and rather lack luster defense allowed the Golden Horde to rally back as far as a two point lead. Junior Jarrett William led the team in  that stretch with seven points.

“We were sloppy and they we’re pressuring. We weren’t expecting them to step up against our guards and to double team Chris (Becker),” said Coach White.

Then Lake George turned to their senior forwards for a lift. The inside outside tandem of Chris Becker and Mason Flatley allowed the Warriors to go on a 14-3 run to close out the half, they scored eight and six respectively.

“Halftime kind of saved us,” said Mason Flatley. “We went over some stuff and that really turned on our tough defense and rebounding. I think that’s why we excel in the third and fourth quarter.”

It was all Becker and Flatley in the second half. Mason Flatley scored 18 points in the second half with four three pointers while Chris Becker pillaged the post, scoring four points and shutting down the middle of the paint for Granville.

Lake George finishes the season with a perfect record and as a clear favorite to be the top seed in Class C.

Flatley said, “We just want to keep playing basketball and gain momentum towards Sectionals. I think if we keep this style of play then we have a shot to do some big things.

  1. FightforRight (@66_Cuda) says

    Apparently you two geniuses were watching something other than this game. Flatley consistently fed Becker and Pelcher in the paint, although both or one of them were constantly being double, or sometimes, triple teamed. The “mad bomber” scored 31 points (7 of which were 3 pointers) and pulled down 10 rebounds. But who’s counting? It’s easier to be critical with ridiculous stats such as missed shots from 2 or more feet outside the 3 point line…

  2. Scringy Mcfry says

    I can’t agree more with popsicle’s comment. We may have to start calling Flatley the mad bomber! Ever heard of teammates open in the paint? I would think with good team work that the shooting percentage can only increase. As astute reporter would have included these facts in his article

  3. Popsicle says

    I was surprised that the Lake George Boys article did not include any comment on Mason Flatley taking shots from too far out when he has great low post options in Chris Becker & Luke Pelchar. According to my stats Flatley was 1 for 6 in three pointers two or more feet beyond the three point line.

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