HACKED: The New York Post’s iPhone App goes rogue and all hell breaks lose

NEW YORK — The New York Post’s mobile app sent out some interesting notifications Saturday evening, claiming all kinds of things.

The storm began around 10:35 when the News Corp owned publication sent out the following push notification: “Heil President Donald Trump!” Followed by a handful of strange and suggestive alerts:

“In casting truth into the darkness of your shadow, you have gravely sinned…”

“with Lucid Love, Selah.”

“And yet, for your generosity of split and sharpness of mind, salvation remains within reach.”

The paper’s App Support Team has not yet responded to inquiries regarding the incident. But Twitter took note: (scroll down past the update)

UPDATE: At approximately 11:47 p.m. the Post recognized the incident with this notification:


Photo: Dylan Rossiter/Upstate Courier



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