Ex-Basketball Star tells local students how drug abuse derailed his career

CHATHAM — In the mid to late 1990’s Chris Herren was a rising star in the College Basketball world, first at Boston College and later at Fresno State but drug abuse derailed a promising career in the NBA and then overseas.  Nine years clean, today he travels across the country increasing awareness on the dangers of substance abuse with his program, the Herren Project.

Recently, the Fall River, Massachusetts native addressed students at Chatham High School, and Upstate Sports Zone’s Camdyn Ames caught up with him beforehand.

In addition to educating youth, the organization’s Facebook Page states that they also work to positively impact the lives of those suffering with addiction, specifically the uninsured and athletes of all levels, by providing them with effective treatment programs, support and the necessary tools to be successful on their road to sobriety.

To find out more about Herren and his organization, visit The Herren Project’s website. 

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