ESPN’s Max Kellerman knows how to save Thursday Night Football

Max Kellerman, the new Skip Bayless on ESPN’s First Take knows how the National Football League can reinvigorate its Thursday Night Football package.

What started as “the eight-game package” in 2006 to go with the launch of NFL Network has quickly turned into what Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman calls a “poop fest.”

Here’s Kellerman’s solution:

Although his plan would lead to an 18 week season, it would also most certainly bring back the pomp and circumstance of the original Thursday Night Football. Not to mention it would only make everyone involved more money without boring the season, like the NBA, NHL and MLB have already done with their 75+ game season. No matter what the NFL has got to do something about TNF because it has turned into a dog and pony show of boring, lackluster matchups that no one wants to watch unless it’s their team on TV.

-Dylan Rossiter9@byDylanRossiter)

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