College football over NFL any day

Watching the Cincinnati Bengals and Houston Texans play each other in a listless game Thursday night, it entered my mind that college football is a much better product than the NFL. Never thought this would occur, but in 2017, it finally arrived. College football ratings have had better ratings than the NFL.

It’s more of an indictment of the NFL that this has happened. This is what happens when the games are boring. This is how it goes when there are only few good teams in the league.  This goes with the territory when fans see too many flags on the field during the game.

College football provides more intrigue and drama during the games. It brings fans together at sports bars and on Twitter. It gets people talking about the games and the college football playoffs. The best part is there are nine teams that can make a case of being a national champion.

In college football, the refs let the players play. There is no need for instant replay as refs normally get it right. A defensive end can go hit someone in the knees through his head in college while in the NFL, not only is it a flag, but it could result to fine or suspension.

The eye test will tell you college football is more entertaining than the NFL.

Call it a gimmick, but high-scoring games tends to be more entertaining in college football than low-scoring games in the NFL. No one can say great defense in the NFL when there are awful quarterbacks, horrible offensive line, inept wide receivers and lack of running game that is plaguing the league.

College football features many amateurs who may not get a sniff of playing on Sundays, but the NFL is supposed to have pros that should be good at their craft and that’s not happening. There are times college players seemed more fundamentally sound than the NFL players. For example, there are too many times NFL players can’t seem to grasp tackling.

The NFL don’t bring out the true fan in a fan these days like college football. There’s no passion for the games as fans are so worried about fantasy football rather than rooting for guys on their own football team.

College football gets fans watching from start to finish. They know something interesting is going to happen during a course whether it’s a big play on offense or a key interception. The guys in college are much faster than the guys in the pros, too.

In college football, it’s played as if football is meant to be played. Players can be much more aggressive when it comes to hitting and tackling. They don’t have to play with the idea any play can have a flag coming over. In the NFL, everyone has to play with side of caution, and that’s why defense is not what it used to be in the past. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is so interested in making football safe that hitting players have become a no-no.

College football brings out the emotion of the players while the NFL wants players to be more corporate and button-down. Plus, it seems college football players tend to be more open with the media than the NFL teams.

There is more of a community feel with college football where tailgates start from early morning to game time. There are more real fans that go to college football games while corporates go to the games. The fans would rather watch NFL games at sports bars or on a large-screen HDTV at their home.

College football can get a fanbase riled up than the NFL can’t. Just ask about the Bowl Championship Series or college football playoffs, and you will hear fans defend their team’s right to play in those games.

The NFL has its strong points, but it’s hard to take a league seriously when so many teams are either mediocre or awful. The NFL can’t be selling their brand well when teams such as the Jets are tanking to get a quarterback such as Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen or Josh Allen next year in the NFL Draft. Plus, how many NFL teams can seriously they can contend for a championship? Few to count.

College football may be a lower brand to NFL, but no matter. When it comes to better product, college football is so much better in 2017.

Greed, stupidity and awful product killed the NFL.

The NFL has no one to blame but itself.

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